Sync Your iPhone with Windows 11 in a Flash!

Sync Your iPhone with Windows 11 in a Flash!

Connect your iPhone and Windows 11 PC like never before with Microsoft's Phone Link Seamlessly work across both devices, making communication and data transfer easier than ever No longer left out, iPhone owners can now enjoy the benefits of this innovative feature

Microsoft’s Phone Link has been available for some time now, but iPhone users were previously excluded from using it. However, if you own both an iPhone and a Windows PC, you can now seamlessly connect them.

Phone Link now officially supports iOS, in addition to Android, following its initial announcement in February. This means that you can link your phone to Windows 11 and view your messages, calls, notifications, and contacts directly from your computer. This means that even if you put your phone away or charge it, you can still stay up-to-date with what's happening around you. Although it is currently a staged rollout, with some users possibly seeing it today, it should be available to everyone by mid-May.

Microsoft does note that iOS support is somewhat limited compared to Android support. Messaging is restricted, allowing only text messages to be sent, with no option to send photos or videos or participate in group chats. However, this limitation is due to Apple's restrictions. To obtain full integration with your iPhone, you will likely need a Mac. Nevertheless, the ability to see your iPhone and Windows computer working together is still a significant advancement, especially if you own both devices.

Keep an eye out for this capability to roll out to your computer. You’ll need iOS 14 or higher on your iPhone for the feature to work.

Source: Microsoft