Solo Leveling Anime: Episode Release Schedule and Arrival Dates

Solo Leveling Anime: Episode Release Schedule and Arrival Dates

The highly anticipated Solo Leveling anime has taken the internet by storm, leaving fans buzzing with excitement Get ready for epic adventures as we delve into the thrilling world of Solo Leveling, with a captivating episode one recap and an enticing glimpse into what's to come in episode two

The Solo Leveling anime has caused a buzz on the internet, especially after the exciting premiere of the first episode. Viewers are eagerly anticipating the rest of the season and wanting to know more about Sung Jin-Woo and the world of Hunters and Magic Beasts. The premiere episode has received an impressive average rating of 8.62 out of 10 on IMDb, showcasing the level of excitement surrounding the series.

Now that the anime is finally airing, fans are curious about the release schedule and the total number of episodes. Below, you'll find all the details you need to know about the Solo Leveling anime.

Solo Leveling anime release schedule

Solo Leveling Anime: Episode Release Schedule and Arrival Dates

The Solo Leveling anime released its first episode on January 6, 2024, as announced. According to reputed sources, this initial season of the anime is being slated to have 12 episodes. Given the success of its Webtoon and how the kind of hype its anime adaptation garnered, the decision to go with 12 episodes is intriguing.

January 6, 2024Episode 1
January 13, 2024Episode 2
January 20, 2024Episode 3
January 27, 2024Episode 4
February 3, 2024Episode 5
February 10, 2024Episode 6
February 17, 2024Episode 7
February 24, 2024Episode 8
March 2, 2024Episode 9
March 9, 2024Episode 10
March 16, 2024Episode 11
March 23, 2024Episode 12

The debut episode of the Solo Leveling anime premiered on January 6, 2024. The table provided contains the planned release dates for the anime, although these are subject to change at the studio's discretion. Additionally, the schedule assumes that there will be no "Break Week" in between episodes; however, this is subject to change. If a "Break Week" is incorporated, the seventh episode would be pushed back a week, resulting in the anime concluding on March 30, 2024 instead of March 23, 2024.

Solo Leveling episode one recap

Speculation on the internet suggests that the initial season may span two consecutive cours. However, there has been no official confirmation as of yet. If a second cour is indeed in the works, it will likely consist of another 12 or 13 episodes, bringing the total for the first season to 25 episodes. This would align with the strong following of the series.

Solo Leveling Anime: Episode Release Schedule and Arrival Dates

Sung Jin-Woo in Solo Leveling episode one. (Image via A-1 Pictures)

The debut episode of the Solo Leveling anime, titled "I'm Used to It", unveiled the world of Hunters and the magical creatures they combat. Hunters were categorized on a scale of A to E based on their strength, with the most powerful belonging to the S-Rank. They would undertake daring raids in Dungeons to gather valuable loot and enhance their arsenal.

Solo Leveling episode two preview

As the episodes progressed, viewers were introduced to the protagonist Sung Jin-Woo, who held the title of an E-rank hunter and was known as the "World's Weakest Hunter". He unexpectedly found himself joining a group in raiding a D-rank Dungeon. However, the situation took a turn for the worse when they stumbled upon a hidden passage and became trapped inside a chamber, compelled to battle the awakening statues.

Solo Leveling Anime: Episode Release Schedule and Arrival Dates

The statue depicted in the Solo Leveling anime with an enchanting smile. (Image via A-1 Pictures)

The inaugural episode encapsulated chapters 1-3 of the Manhwa, complemented by original anime scenes that added an intriguing dimension to the narrative, a testament to the studio's creativity. By extension, it can be inferred that the subsequent episode will delve into chapters 4-6/7, assuming a faithful adaptation of the original work in the anime.

In episode two, more details about the dungeon that the Hunters are trapped in will be revealed, shedding light on the creepy smile of the statue that has been an internet sensation. Additionally, viewers can expect to learn more about Jin-Woo as he strives to save himself and the others from the dungeon.

Editor's P/S

As a Gen Z fan, I am thrilled about the release of the Solo Leveling anime. I have been eagerly waiting for this adaptation for years, and I am glad that it finally came to fruition. The first episode lived up to my expectations, and I am excited to see what the rest of the season has in store.

I appreciate the studio's decision to stay faithful to the original webtoon while also adding original anime scenes that enhance the narrative. This shows that the studio understands the importance of respecting the source material while also bringing something new to the table. I am confident that the Solo Leveling anime will be a huge success, and I can't wait to see how it unfolds.