Sneak Peak: Sarah Snook's Shocking Secret Revealed After Jaw-Dropping Shiv and Tom Scene on 'Succession'

Sneak Peak: Sarah Snook's Shocking Secret Revealed After Jaw-Dropping Shiv and Tom Scene on 'Succession'

Sarah Snook, aka ‘Succession’s Shiv, surprised the crew by announcing her pregnancy after an intense scene Shortly after the show's finale, Sarah and husband Dave Lawson joyfully welcomed their first child in May

Sneak Peak: Sarah Snook's Shocking Secret Revealed After Jaw-Dropping Shiv and Tom Scene on 'Succession'

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During the shooting of Succession's final season, Sarah Snook pleasantly surprised her crew by announcing her pregnancy at the most unexpected and thrilling moment.

In the seventh episode of season four, Shiv Roy (played by Snook, 35) and Tom Wambsgams (portrayed by Matthew Macfadyen) reach a deadlock in their marriage during a busy election eve party at their apartment. On the balcony, they engage in a heated argument, with a pregnant Shiv expressing her belief that Tom is pathetic. In retaliation, Tom bitterly suggests that Shiv may not be suitable to have children.

Shortly after wrapping up the emotional scene, Snook surprised the cast and crew of the show by announcing her real-life pregnancy.

"Inevitably, something starts to lose its impact, and you become accustomed to a scene, no longer experiencing the same spontaneity or inspiration," Snook explained in an interview with Variety published on Wednesday, August 3. "So when I hear the line, 'Maybe you're not going to be a good mom'—maybe it's not just Shiv hearing it, but also myself. Because that's an incredibly hurtful thing to say to someone!"

Since its premiere in June 2018, Snook has been a constant presence on Succession. The highly acclaimed series has accumulated a remarkable 13 Emmy awards, including two for Best Drama.

In season 4, Shiv's storyline closely mirrored Snook's personal journey. In episode 4 of the final season, the character discovers she is pregnant with her estranged husband Tom's child. Interestingly, the actress herself, along with her husband Dave Lawson, who got married in 2021, announced during the show's season 4 premiere in March that they were expecting their first baby.

The series concluded two months later on May 28th, and Snook gave birth to her first child with Lawson, aged 44, just one day after. "I have just finished watching the last episode of the final season of something that has had a profound impact on my life. And now, my life has taken another turn," she shared on Instagram, accompanied by a picture of herself and her newborn engrossed in the last episode of the popular HBO show. "I appreciate all the love and support."

"She expressed, 'Expressing what this show has meant to me is difficult. The opportunities I had to travel, the immense talent I collaborated with... it saddens me to see it all come to an end. However, my heart had to be filled with cherished memories, joyful moments, obstacles, and victories, in order to shatter... and for that, I am thankful.'"

"The choice to conclude the popular HBO series after just four seasons was unexpected for both fans and the cast members."

Sneak Peak: Sarah Snook's Shocking Secret Revealed After Jaw-Dropping Shiv and Tom Scene on 'Succession'


Snook expressed her deep disappointment, sorrow, and overwhelming sense of loss in a March interview with The Los Angeles Times. While she acknowledged that it would have been preferable to receive this news earlier in the season, she also understood the decision to withhold it until the end, as there was still a glimmer of hope that the show may continue. Emotionally, the entire cast was not yet ready to bid farewell to the series, as their bond and affection for one another remained steadfast.

During her conversation with Variety on Wednesday, Snook revealed that she had initially hoped for showrunner Jesse Armstrong to continue the series beyond season 4. However, after reading the final script, Snook realized that season 4 would indeed mark the end of the show. Recounting the experience, Snook mentioned that Macfadyen, especially, had interpreted the onscreen couple's "last handhold" as a sign of potential for Tom's future as CEO. Unfortunately, their optimism was short-lived as Armstrong soon made the final decision to end the show. Snook described the news as devastating.

Snook is ready to move on from her role as Shiv Roy and is currently dedicated to her West End production of The Picture of Dorian Gray. In the production, she will take on the challenge of portraying all 26 roles. Additionally, Snook is relishing the joys of being a new mother. Despite her current accomplishments, she admits to still aspiring for more.