Snapchat's Sinisterly Immersive Halloween Series Woos Brands with Star Creators

Snapchat's Sinisterly Immersive Halloween Series Woos Brands with Star Creators

Snapchat entices brands with an engaging Halloween series, featuring popular creators Excitingly, Maybelline and Disney+ have already joined, incorporating ads during content and providing immersive augmented reality encounters

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Snapchat has introduced an exciting Halloween content series called "Phantom House," as revealed both to Our Website and on Snap's official website. The initial episode was released on October 8, and subsequent episodes will be unveiled on a weekly basis.

"Phantom House" chronicles the adventures of various content creators as they navigate their way out of a haunted house. Viewers are encouraged to assist these creators by collecting clues and collaborating to solve puzzles. Additionally, they can immerse themselves in the experience by using themed AR Lenses and taking AI-generated Dreams selfies.

Snapchat is positioning the series as an exceptional advertising opportunity for brands to showcase their products and create captivating AR encounters. Notably, Disney+ and Maybelline have already joined as early advertisers, actively engaging in an out-of-home (OOH) activation during Advertising Week New York.

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Snapchat aims to appeal to both users and brands with the introduction of "Phantom House," a comprehensive series that encompasses the app's Chat, Camera, Stories, and Spotlight tabs. This endeavor, touted as a first-of-its-kind for the platform, is supported by research suggesting that 80% of Snapchat users intend to utilize the app during Halloween, as disclosed in the release. This increased user engagement presents an opportunity to entice advertisers, especially as the company grapples with a decline in revenue.

Snapchat users can now join in on the interactive experience of "Phantom House" as they assist Snap Stars Tony Talks, Sofie Dossi, and Ezee in their search for clues and puzzle-solving. Viewers are encouraged to share their findings and further engage through a range of features, including the Spotlight challenge, Cameos, AR Lenses, and AI Dreams selfies. In August, Snap introduced its Dreams feature, allowing users to immerse themselves in imaginative dreamscapes through the power of AI.

Early sponsors for the series include Disney+ and Maybelline, who will be showcasing ads in between "Phantom House" content. Moreover, these sponsors will also provide AR Lenses, strategically placed on Snapchat through First Lens, a prominent advertising offering within Snap's "First" lineup that also includes First Story and First Commercial. Brands interested in participating can run commercials, create AR experiences, and engage in off-platform co-marketing opportunities.

Disney+ and Maybelline will join Snap's in-app advertising at Advertising Week New York, starting on Oct. 16. Additionally, Snap will host a private event called "Phantom House" on Oct. 18, allowing conference attendees to experience it firsthand.

In addition to promoting its reach, Snap is advertising "Phantom House" as an effective way to convey brand messages that will resonate with users. Recent research commissioned by Snap shows that Halloween campaigns on Snapchat result in a 1.6-times increase in brand awareness, a 2.1-times increase in ad awareness, and a 1.6-times increase in action intent compared to Kantar MarketNorms. Snapchat currently boasts 397 million daily active users as of the second quarter.

Both users and marketers can engage with "Phantom House" by emphasizing augmented reality (AR), which has been a key area of growth for Snap. AR was designated as one of Snap's three strategic priorities last year. However, there have been challenges along the way. Snap recently closed its Augmented Reality Services for Business (ARES) platform just six months after its launch. This decision was influenced, in part, by the increasing presence of generative AI, which CEO Evan Spiegel acknowledged has made it harder to distinguish Snap's AR business.