Rumble's Latest Acquisition: A Youtube Sensation with Unbelievable Talent!

Rumble's Latest Acquisition: A Youtube Sensation with Unbelievable Talent!

Rumble expands its roster of influential content creators with the addition of yet another highly acclaimed YouTuber, solidifying their position as a leading platform for top talent

Rumble, the video-sharing platform, has recently added another YouTube star to its ranks, grabbing the attention of the online community. This latest acquisition reflects Rumble's continuous efforts to engage and collaborate with influential content creators, further expanding their diverse community.

The competition among streaming platforms has reached new heights, with several popular streamers making the switch. Around seven months ago, Twitch's decision to ban gambling sites like led to the emergence of a new streaming platform called Kick. Shortly after its launch, Kick made a significant impact by securing partnerships with prominent content creators, including renowned gambling streamer Adin Ross. This development sparked expectations of a fierce rivalry between Twitch, Kick, and YouTube. However, Rumble surprised everyone a few months ago by signing renowned content creators Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed, adding more fuel to the already intense competition.

In another exciting development, Rumble has recently announced the signing of RiceGum, a highly influential content creator. RiceGum boasts a massive fan base with over 10 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.2 million on Twitch. During a recent Twitch stream, RiceGum shared his decision to join Rumble instead of Kick, citing the more favorable terms offered by Rumble. Unlike Kick, which required a 30-day gambling period for maximum earnings, Rumble presented a more appealing deal. RiceGum expressed his excitement for this new partnership and his strong commitment to content creation. Furthermore, he expressed surprise at the substantial financial support provided by Rumble, expressing, "Rumble had the bag, bro. I didn't realize Rumble had the bag like that."

Rumble has been making headlines recently with notable signings such as RiceGum and Twitch streamer Mizkif, who is also a co-owner of OTK. Mizkif revealed that Rumble's focus is on gaming and simply wants him to play games. This strategic move by Rumble demonstrates their commitment to diversifying the platform and creating a welcoming environment for content creators from various backgrounds.

Furthermore, Kick has also made waves in the industry by securing a groundbreaking deal worth $100 million with Twitch's top streamer xQc. Additionally, according to Adin Ross, Kick has offered IShowSpeed and Kai Cenat around $40 million each to join their platform. While the specific details of Rumble's offers to prominent streamers remain undisclosed, it is clear that they are willing to make significant investments to attract top talent to their platform.