PNY Duo Link iOS Dual Flash Drive: A Comprehensive Review of Mobile Storage

PNY Duo Link iOS Dual Flash Drive: A Comprehensive Review of Mobile Storage

PNY Duo Link iOS Dual Flash Drive: Conveniently backup photos and videos on your iPhone with Lightning ports A reliable storage solution that may lack a modern design, but offers efficient functionality Don't hesitate to invest!

Some Noticeable Information

The drive's construction was the only highlight, with a sturdy metal enclosure that felt refined. However, the Lightning connector may not fit with certain iPhone cases.

The layout, aesthetics, and functionality of the mobile app, Duo Link 4, for drive management are lacking attention to detail. While it conveniently handles automatic syncing of photos, videos, and contacts, the process for managing music and documents requires more manual intervention.

Regrettably, the PNY Duo Link iOS Dual flash drive can be deemed as arriving "Too little, too late." With Apple's decision to abandon the Lightning connector across its entire line of iPhone 15 models in favor of the more universal USB-C port for charging and data transfer, even if you currently possess a Lightning-enabled iPhone, it will not be compatible in the future.

PNY Duo Link iOS Dual Flash Drive: A Comprehensive Review of Mobile Storage

Introducing the PNY Duo Link iOS Dual Flash Drive, the perfect storage solution for managing files on the go. This innovative USB 3.2 Dual Flash Drive seamlessly connects mobile and desktop devices, allowing for easy file transfer and organization.

Capacity 64, 128, 256GBPower Self-poweredSpeed USB 3.2 transfer speedsConnection USB-C and USB-APros Sturdy feeling metal enclosure

Cons Aging connectors

barebones iPhone app

More than double the price of the USB-C version

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An Outdated Design That Didn’t Have to Be

PNY Duo Link iOS Dual Flash Drive: A Comprehensive Review of Mobile Storage

Introducing Joe Robinson.

The Duo Link iOS flash drive features a Lightning connector on one end and a USB-A port on the other end. This innovative product was recently launched in the middle of 2023, ensuring its current availability. The coherence behind this development is questionable.

PNY may have been caught off guard by the introduction of a new iPhone model featuring a USB-C port in September, but it is worth noting that Apple does not currently offer any laptops with USB-A ports. Additionally, even the iMac does not include the older USB-A port. The only device in Apple's lineup that still utilizes a Lightning port is the oldest 9th Gen iPad. Considering all of these factors, it can be concluded that the brand-new Duo Link iOS Dual flash drive was not intended to thrive.

The design of this flash drive was already outdated at the time of its release. It can only be recommended for those who need to transfer files from an older iPhone to a Windows computer. Regrettably, this product seems to be primarily designed for single-use scenarios. It serves as a disposable solution for emergency backups or file transfers when one's aging phone is no longer functional.

The drive is quite expensive. Priced at $24.99 for 64GB and $54.99 for 256GB, it is considerably more costly than PNY's USB-C variant, which starts at $9.99 for 64GB and goes up to $24.99 for 256GB of storage.

If this iOS drive had both Lightning and USB-C ports on either end, it would have the potential for extended use and enhanced versatility in the future.

The construction of the product is its only standout feature. Upon first holding the compact metal flash drive, I appreciated the satisfying click it made when spun between my fingers. It had a similar appeal to that of an expensive fidget spinner, and its build quality suggested sophistication.

Regrettably, this praise is short-lived. Attempting to plug the Lightning connector into my iPhone proved problematic as it was too wide to fit with my phone's Nomad case. It may work with certain iPhone cases, but expect some compatibility issues. Additionally, the small clear plastic cap that covers the Lightning connector is highly likely to get lost within the first week.

PNY Duo Link iOS Dual Flash Drive: A Comprehensive Review of Mobile Storage

Joe Robinson

PNY's Duo Link 4 app for iPhone and iPad is now offered for free, however, its usability leaves much to be desired. The app lacks attention to detail in terms of layout, aesthetics, and overall functionality.

Nevertheless, navigating through the app proved to be relatively straightforward. After exploring for a short period, I quickly grasped its functioning. At the top of the interface, users will find easily scrollable squares designated for various tasks, such as photo and video viewing.

The app enables encryption of the drive using a password. Nonetheless, the lock must be disabled before the storage can be accessed by a computer.

I appreciated the feature of the Duo Link 4 app that allows the backup of my phone's contacts. However, it only automatically handles photos and videos. Music and documents require a more manual approach. Additionally, content from other apps can be transferred to the drive. For this, the items should be shared from the respective app to Duo Link 4 using the share sheet, which can be accessed through the box icon with an upward arrow.

If you want to directly store photos on the drive instead of your phone, you can use the camera button in the app. Although everything worked fine, the overall experience was not very satisfying.

The drive itself can support transfer speeds of up to USB 3.2 Gen 1, allowing for speeds of up to 5Gbps with compatible devices. While this may not be the fastest transfer rate available, it should be sufficient for most iPhones with storage capacities of around 128GB or less. I successfully transferred videos and pictures multiple times between my phone and computer using a USB-A adapter. The drive performed as expected.

Price and Availability

The PNY Duo Link iOS Dual flash drive is available now and starts at $24.99 for 64GB of storage space.

For those who only need a USB-C port, the Duo Link Type-C Dual flash drive starts at $9.99 for 64GB of storage and only costs $22.99 for 256GB.

PNY Duo Link iOS Dual Flash Drive: A Comprehensive Review of Mobile Storage

When it comes to backing up an iPhone directly to offline storage, it's understandable to have such a desire. In certain rare cases, the PNY Duo Link iOS Dual flash drive can serve as a viable solution. It has proven to be effective. However, for the majority of users, this is not a product that should be actively sought out for everyday use.


PNY Duo Link iOS Dual Flash Drive: A Comprehensive Review of Mobile Storage

PNY Duo Link iOS Dual Flash Drive offers a subpar app experience and lacks compatibility with the majority of iPhones currently. However, there is a silver lining - as more devices adopt USB-C ports in the near future, the price of this device will considerably decrease. This could potentially make it a tempting purchase for occasional use.

5 / 10The PNY DUO LINK iOS USB 3.2 Dual Flash Drive bridges the gap between mobile and desktop, making it the ideal mobile storage solution for file management on the go. 

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Editor's P/S

As a tech enthusiast, I approach the PNY Duo Link iOS Dual Flash Drive with mixed feelings. On one hand, I appreciate the convenience of having a storage solution that can easily transfer files between mobile devices and desktops. The sturdy metal enclosure of the drive exudes a sense of refinement, and the Lightning connector allows for seamless connectivity with iPhones. However, the aging design of the drive, coupled with its incompatibility with the upcoming iPhone 15 models, raises concerns about its long-term viability.

The hefty price tag of the PNY Duo Link iOS Dual Flash Drive is another discouraging factor. At more than double the price of the USB-C version, it seems like a poor investment considering the limited compatibility and lack of future-proofing. While the barebones iPhone app may suffice for basic file management, it falls short in terms of user experience and functionality compared to more polished offerings in the market.

Overall, while the PNY Duo Link iOS Dual Flash Drive may serve as a temporary solution for those in need of transferring files between older iPhones and Windows computers, its lack of adaptability and high cost make it a questionable choice for long-term use.