Lindsay Lohan Opens Up About Career Transformation After Son's Arrival: Embracing the Journey

Lindsay Lohan Opens Up About Career Transformation After Son's Arrival: Embracing the Journey

Actress Lindsay Lohan reflects on the transformative impact of motherhood on her career, sharing that 'everything's changing' since welcoming son Luai with husband Bader Shammas. A poignant journey of growth and learning unfolds as she navigates this new chapter in her life.

Lindsay Lohan Explains How Motherhood Is Changing

Lindsay Lohan Explains How Motherhood Is Changing

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Lindsay Lohan is opening up about the changes happening in her career since becoming a mother to son Luai with husband Bader Shammas.

In an interview with E! News on Tuesday, March 5, Lohan shared, "I want to do things that my son can see. But I also want to do things that inspire me."

Lohan and Shammas, 37, welcomed Luai in June 2023. At the time, the actress’ rep confirmed to Us that the couple had a “beautiful, healthy son,” adding that “the family is over the moon in love.”

She continued, “It’s a learning process — I’m having a different go at it. Figuring out what I want to do and how I want to do it.”

Lohan is now fully immersed in her work while juggling motherhood. She feels lucky that Luai is still a young child.

In an interview with E! on Tuesday, she mentioned, "I can take him everywhere with me. He is always by my side because I don't want to be apart from him. But I believe it will become more challenging as he grows older."

Lohan and Shammas got married in April 2022. In March 2023, she shared the exciting news that they were expecting their first child.

According to a source, Lohan's pregnancy is strengthening the bond within her family. Her parents, Michael and Dina Lohan, are co-parenting effectively and are thrilled for Lindsay as they had been hoping for this moment for a long time.

After Lindsay welcomed her baby, a source shared with Us in October 2023 that she effortlessly embraced motherhood and was very involved in caring for Luai.

According to the same insider, Lindsay and Shammas share parenting responsibilities equally to avoid feeling overwhelmed. The insider also mentioned that Lindsay is currently in a positive and confident phase of her life, feeling healthy and stable.

Welcoming Luai has brought the couple closer together, according to a source who spoke to Us in January.

The Mean Girls actress has embraced motherhood and is very protective of her son, as shared by the insider.

"Even though her personal life is a top priority, she is excited to return to work," a source mentioned. "She is approaching each day with a positive outlook."

Lindsay is getting ready for the premiere of her upcoming Netflix film, Irish Wish, set to be released on Friday, March 15. The movie tells the story of Maddie (played by Lohan) who makes a wish at her friend's wedding in Ireland, leading to a magical switch with the bride.

"It's a heartwarming tale of luck, love, and self-assurance," she shared with Netflix's Tudum about the character. "Maddie is one of the few roles where I portray a strong, independent woman navigating her path in life."

Editor's P/S:

Lindsay Lohan's journey as a mother has significantly influenced her career choices. She aspires to pursue projects that will not only entertain her son but also inspire him. Lohan's dedication to motherhood is evident as she navigates the challenges of balancing work and family. While she cherishes every moment with her young son, she anticipates the complexities that will arise as he grows.

Lohan's family is overjoyed with the arrival of her son, Luai. Her parents have embraced their co-parenting roles, and Lohan and her husband share responsibilities equally to ensure their well-being. The actress's pregnancy has strengthened her family's bond, and she feels confident and stable in this new phase of her life. Lohan's upcoming Netflix film, "Irish Wish," showcases her portrayal of a strong, independent woman, a role that resonates with her personal growth and aspirations.