Inside the Decision-Making Process: 'Goosebumps' Writers Take a Stance in Margot's Love Triangle

Inside the Decision-Making Process: 'Goosebumps' Writers Take a Stance in Margot's Love Triangle

'Goosebumps' producers Nick Stoller, Rob Letterman, and Hilary Winston weigh in on the Margot's love triangle with Lucas and Isaiah, revealing intriguing insights and shedding light on the character dynamics

The show's central love triangle in Goosebumps has sparked numerous thoughts among viewers, and the writers themselves share their own perspectives. In an exclusive interview with We, executive producers Hilary Winston, Rob Letterman, and Nick Stoller provide insight into how the series' writers approached Margot's (played by Isa Briones) relationships with Lucas (Will Price) and Isaiah (Zack Morris).

"We definitely had Team Lucas and Team Isaiah," Letterman disclosed. "I can't recall which relationship had more support, but I do remember there were distinct sides. Undoubtedly, there were sides."

Goosebumps, adapted from R.L. Stine's book series, revolves around a clique of teenagers who forge a bond while battling against paranormal entities attempting to seize control of their town. Margot's connection with Lucas was apparent from the very beginning of the series, although her friendship with Isaiah experienced some highs and lows before Isaiah acknowledged his feelings for Margot.

As Margot and Lucas's relationship progressed, their divergent future plans created distance between them. While Lucas, consumed by concerns about the return of evil forces, wanted to stay in town, Margot entertained the idea of relocating to Seattle before the season finale brought about a significant change.

After Margot and Lucas went their separate ways, Isaiah seized the moment to express his feelings to Margot, and she echoed his sentiments. However, before Margot could engage in a proper conversation with Isaiah or Lucas, tragedy struck as Isaiah was shot (and later miraculously revived).

Inside the Decision-Making Process: 'Goosebumps' Writers Take a Stance in Margot's Love Triangle


As a writer — and fan of the show — Winston has some ideas about where Margot’s love life should go in a potential season 2.

Winston expressed his enthusiasm for the love triangle aspect of the story, specifically Margot's exploration of her feelings for Isaiah. Although he believed that it may not be what Margot anticipates, he acknowledged the importance of her journey and hoped for her to eventually be with Lucas.

While Us magazine remains optimistic about Margot and Lucas' future, the season finale left many unanswered questions that extended beyond the romantic relationships. Viewers are eager to know more about the events surrounding Isaiah's near-death experience, which Margot prevented by using a spell from Kanduu's book.

“We are always fascinated by the concept of someone experiencing death and then being revived. The decision Margot faces in that critical moment is truly challenging. Deep down, she knows that it goes against her moral compass,” Winston playfully hinted. “It’s a classic example of being cautious about what you desire. Margot truly yearns for this outcome. However, this act of love, mixed with guilt for being involved with Lucas, inadvertently allows Kanduu to seize the opportunity and enter Mr. Bratt's consciousness for the first time.”

Inside the Decision-Making Process: 'Goosebumps' Writers Take a Stance in Margot's Love Triangle


The fate of Isaiah sparked extensive discussions in the writers' room. However, when it was time to inform Morris about his character's journey, Letterman accidentally omitted the fact that Isaiah would be resurrected. Of this incident, Letterman shared, "We presented it to Zack as something incredible and unforgettable. But then, two days later, Isa reached out to me and said, 'Hey, I think you should call Zack because he's really upset about getting killed off on the show.'" Consequently, Letterman had to reassure Zack that everything would work out and that it would be a fantastic outcome.

The producers, still awaiting word on renewal, are not in a hurry to finalize their vision for season 2. In a conversation with Us, Letterman highlighted some successful aspects of the first season, particularly the unique approach to storytelling employed by the group.

"It was an ambitious idea, but it was incredibly refreshing. We had always planned to start with five origin stories and then bring them together to unravel the mystery," he explained. "This approach resulted in mini-movies for each episode. Strangely enough, it also captured the essence of Stine's books. Each episode could stand alone as a little movie, but it was a challenging and ambitious undertaking."

Letterman praised the cast for their exceptional ability to bring the material to life, stating, "The cast is truly amazing. Their incredible talent enhances every aspect of the show." You can now watch all episodes of Goosebumps season 1 on Disney+ and Hulu.