Ilana Glazer Reveals the Hilarious Chaos Behind 'Babes' Mushroom Scene (Exclusive)

Ilana Glazer Reveals the Hilarious Chaos Behind 'Babes' Mushroom Scene (Exclusive)

Discover the behind-the-scenes hilarity as Ilana Glazer shares insights on a chaotic and funny moment in her latest film, Babes, in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly.

Ilana Glazer's new film, Babes, tackles the unexpected scenario of finding out you're pregnant while under the influence of psilocybin mushrooms. Despite the chaotic circumstances, Glazer brings a hilarious twist to the situation.

The comedy follows Glazer's character, Eden, a single woman living in New York City, who discovers she is pregnant after a one-night stand at a highly inconvenient time. She navigates this new chapter in her life with the support of her married childhood best friend, Dawn (played by Michelle Buteau).

In an exclusive interview with We, Glazer shared that portraying someone who is on drugs is not as easy as it may seem to viewers. The actress, who is 37 years old, admitted that pretending to be high and to trip is actually quite challenging. She explained that they aimed for a humorous interpretation of the scene, saying it was meant to be a "classic LOL version" of being under the influence.

Glazer went on to talk about the scene portraying "pretty much the worst trip I could imagine." She reflected on her own experiences with bad trips, mentioning that finding out you are pregnant while on mushrooms would be particularly distressing. Despite the difficulty of the subject matter, she found it helpful to approach the scene with a broad "just go for it, just be nuts" vibe, as it allowed her to fully immerse herself in the character's mindset.

Ilana Glazer Dishes on Conveying the Worst Trip Imaginable During Chaotic Babes Mushroom Scene

Ilana Glazer Dishes on Conveying the Worst Trip Imaginable During Chaotic Babes Mushroom Scene

Ilana Glazer Corey Nickols/Getty Images for IMDb

Glazer shares that she and cowriter Josh Rabinowitz wrote the script based on a "vision" from their manager Susie Fox. Fox imagined a scenario where Glazer and her best friend were both expecting children. At the time, Glazer was pregnant with her 2-year-old daughter and Rabinowitz's wife was also expecting.

The idea of the storyline came to Fox, and Glazer was intrigued by the concept of pregnancy and motherhood not being explored in this way before. The trio, including Glazer, Rabinowitz, and Fox, had a lot of ideas and different perspectives on the topic, which kept them entertained and inspired throughout the writing process.

Being pregnant can come with its own brand of humor, which inspired Glazer. She found it amusing how slow, swollen, and sick she felt, along with the changes in her body. This experience of helplessness with her partner growing a human inside her was both funny and surreal to her and Josh.

Aside from the funny moments, Babes also delves into how friendships evolve when one person is starting a new chapter in their life. Glazer mentioned how everyone has been on the side where a friend is having kids, and the friendship is tested due to less time together. But when you become a parent yourself, you realize the importance of your friends, and that connection was a key theme for them.

Glazer had some eye-opening experiences about motherhood while working on the film. One scene in particular, where her character undergoes an amniocentesis test, captured her genuine reaction. She admitted, "I hadn't experienced an amnio before, so when I saw the needle for the scene, I was surprised."

In the end, Glazer's main hope is that the film sheds light on the various challenges women face during pregnancy. Reflecting on her own journey to motherhood, she expressed, "There were so many unexpected things that I encountered during my pregnancy and delivery. It's surprising that these issues aren't always a major topic of discussion in American society."

“It is a shocking experience having a kid,” she added, “only because we’re kept from knowing about it.”

Babes is in theaters now.

Editor's P/S:

Ilana Glazer's "Babes" offers a unique and humorous take on the unexpected joys and challenges of pregnancy. Glazer's portrayal of a woman discovering her pregnancy while under the influence of mushrooms provides a fresh perspective on the often-overlooked experiences of women during this transformative time. The film explores the complexities of friendships as they evolve alongside personal milestones, highlighting the importance of support and understanding.

Glazer's candid account of her own experiences with pregnancy and motherhood adds authenticity to the film's exploration of the physical and emotional challenges women face. The inclusion of scenes depicting medical procedures, such as amniocentesis, offers a glimpse into the often-unseen realities of pregnancy. By shedding light on these experiences, "Babes" aims to foster a more open and supportive dialogue around the challenges and joys of motherhood.