How to increase quality of a business's products/services

How to increase quality of a business's products/services

The quality of a business's products or services is one of the most important aspects to take into consideration. In this blog post, we'll show you some tips on how a business can improve its products or services of a business so that it becomes better than what others offer.

How to increase quality of a business's products/services

The quality of a business's products or services is one of the most important aspects to take into consideration, and it can be difficult for newcomers to establish themselves. However, there are many ways that a business can increase the quality of the company's offerings in order to make them more attractive to customers. 

In this blog post, we'll show you some tips on how a business can improve its products or services of a business so that it becomes better than what others offer. If done right, these changes will have an excellent impact on the business and its future growth!

The roles of product/service quality

In order to build a strong brand and create a loyal customer base, the business needs to focus on quality because that's what customers will remember about it. In fact, satisfaction with the product features more prominently than any other factor when it comes to brand image.

Product/service quality is more than just a logo or word-of-mouth. It's also about how well customers perceive the business's products or services in general, and you have to remember that this perception has a high impact on customer satisfaction. Furthermore, when customers are satisfied with the business's offerings, they're much more likely to come back and buy again in the future.

Product/service quaility is also one of the most important factor that investors look when they're trying to determine whether or not the business is worth investing in. After all, if a business can't produce high-quality products or services then why would an investor want to put money into a business like that?

Steps to increase quality of a business's products/services

According to our research, there are often 6 steps involves in the process of increasing the quality of a business's products/services. You can easily memorize those steps by looking at the below chart.

Steps to increase quality of a business's products/services

1. Evaluate the current product/service quality status

Evaluate the current product/service quality status

Before taking any action on the product/service, a business must evaluate its current product/service quality status. This step is essential because it's the first critical step in order to make any changes, and by evaluating what needs to be changed, the business will not only know where to start but also how far along it is.

The right measurement for the current product/service quality is always how target customers feel about the product/service. Remember that target customers are always the guiding star of a business. Do not focus too much on chasing competitors, just focus on the customers. If the business is willing to listen to its customers, they are always ready to tell the business what the product/service lacks of. However, the business must know to get customer feedbacks in a right way.

2. Improve the quality standards

Improve the quality standards

After evaluating the business's current product/service quality, it's time to improve the standards.

Quality standars are the set of rules defining if a single product or service is ready to serve or not. This is especially important if the product/service will be delivered to an external market.

Don't be afraid of setting the bar high because this step will define how good your products/services will become in the future and set quality standards for new product lines or services that the business plans to offer in the future. Keep in mind that once you set a bar, try your best to reach that goal and never lower it.

On the contrary, outdated standards should be removed or amended in order to keep up with the current situation.

3. Improve the production procedure

Improve the production procedure

After improving the quality standards, it's time to improve the production procedure.

Acorrding to changes in the quality standards, the business must identify what needs to be done in order to adjust the production procedure.

Production procedure is the step-by-step instructions for how a product or service is produced. This is also an essential factor because if it's not done right, there will always be chances of quality problems when products/services are finished. The business can add, remove steps or change the entire production procedure as long as it meets the new product quality standards.

4. Improve the staff capacity

Improve the staff capacity

Human resource is also the factor having a high impact on the product/service quality. In order to improve the product/service quality, the business must determine if there are enough employees for what needs to be done and if they are qualified for their job.

Increasing the number of staff needs more finance resource. In constrast, increasing the skills & capacity of staff needs more time. The business must combine the two tools in accordance with its current situation.

5. Upgrade the technology

Upgrade the technology

With the improvement of staff capacity, there will be more work for employees. If the current technology used cannot meet this demand, it's time to update it with advanced ones.

Upgrading the technology must meet the business' ability and requirement. In contrast to increasing staff capacity, upgrading technology has a much faster result and is easier brought into effect. However, if the technology is not updated timely, it will slow down the business and lower its competitiveness.

6. Build and improve the quality control system

Build and improve the quality control system

Last but not least, the business needs a good quality control system to make sure that the product/service quality is up to standard and every single step of the production procedure is completed properly.

Quality control system includes all activities from receiving incoming materials until delivering outcoming products/services including but not limited to everything in between. Quality control can only work if there is a solid communication and cooperation with other departments or suppliers.

A quality control system can also be helpful if there is complaint about the product/service quality that customers provide. For example, if a certain customer complains about the wrong dimensions of a specific design, it might be easy to identify the problem and solve it when having a good quality control system in place.

However, fixing problems only after complaints are raised might result in a bad customer service. Therefore, it's important to keep listening to outside customers through marketing research and product testing beforehand.


The steps to improve the quality of a company's products or services are many and varied. The most important thing is that when you set standards, be sure to reach them in order to maintain your reputation as an industry leader with high-quality goods. However, don't forget about updating outdated standards so that they stay relevant for modern customers who have different expectations and demands than their predecessors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Conduct surveys, analyze customer feedback, monitor industry trends.
Consider hiring a professional designer, gather feedback from customers, and analyze competitors.
Good customer service can help identify areas for improvement and build customer loyalty.
Establish quality control processes, train employees, and regularly review and improve processes.
Offer unique features, focus on customer service, and communicate your value proposition effectively.