Helldivers 2: A Major Twist on the Classic Shooter

Helldivers 2: A Major Twist on the Classic Shooter

Helldivers 2 promises to be a game-changer for fans of the original arcade-style shooter With a surprising shift in perspective from top-down to third-person, the sequel offers a fresh take on the classic formula Launching on PS5 in 2023, Helldivers 2 is sure to impress with its Starship Troopers-esque humor and satire

As one of the top arcade-style shooters available on the PS3 and PS4, fans were pleasantly surprised to learn that Arrowhead Games' Helldivers would be receiving a sequel. The announcement was made during the May 24 PlayStation Showcase and fans can expect Helldivers 2 to launch on PS5 in 2023, though an official release date has yet to be revealed. This sequel is set to replicate the original game's Starship Troopers-esque humor and satire, while also differentiating itself from its predecessor. One major change is its shift in perspective from the original's top-down action to a third-person shooter complete with a "behind-the-shoulder" camera view, reminiscent of Mass Effect.

While some games in the shooting and action genres allow for switches between first and third-person perspectives during certain sections of gameplay, it is rare for a title to change its camera perspective between sequels. Metroid and Resident Evil are two examples of games that found success by shifting to a first-person perspective after originally being third-person games. Helldivers was already technically a third-person game due to its overhead perspective, but the sequel's switch to a camera view more often associated with co-op shooters may help it reach a wider audience and appeal to more shooting fans.

Other Changes to the Helldivers Formula to Expect in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2: A Major Twist on the Classic Shooter

A representative from Arrowhead Games confirmed that friendly fire will be a significant aspect of co-op strategy and careful positioning of squads in Helldivers 2. As in the first game, friendly fire will add a humorous element to co-op play. However, the change in perspective to a behind-the-shoulder camera may require players to be more aware of their squad's positioning and line of fire. The shift to this perspective adds a new level of complexity to the gameplay, and may require players to coordinate and communicate more effectively with their squadmates. Despite the shift in perspective, Helldivers 2 promises to maintain the same arcade-style action and humor that made its predecessor so popular.

The team at Arrowhead Games has already announced that the shift in perspective was done in order to make Helldivers 2 feel more robust than the original PS3 and PS4 game. The footage shown of the title so far promises some hectic co-op shooting action, which is still the intended play mode for the game. The critical response to the original game is hopefully an indication of the sequel having an active community at launch.

However, the Mass Effect-style perspective will require squads to coordinate in a way that might make matchmaking with strangers less effective than playing with friends. Fans of the original game won't have to wait much longer before suiting up to bring peace through superior firepower. Helldivers 2's shift in perspective signals an intent to make the sequel bigger, better, and buggier. Hopefully, this means that Helldivers 2 will become one of the most memorable shooter games for the current PlayStation.