Fire Country: A Potential CBS Franchise

Fire Country: A Potential CBS Franchise

Fire Country, the hit drama series, is setting its sights on potential spinoffs and a franchise for the firefighter saga. With the success of its first season, the show is already being considered for expansion, and a new character in season 2 may lead to her own show.


Fire Country is set to introduce the lead character of a potential spinoff. Premiering on CBS in October 2022 with the trio of Max Thieriot, Tony Phelan, and Joan Rater as creators, Fire Country focuses on Bode Donovan (Thieriot), a convict with a troubled past. To redeem himself and shorten his prison sentence, he volunteers for Cal Fire. Along with former friends, fellow inmates, and elite firefighters, Bode has to help put out the fires plaguing the region.

Fire Country cast photo of them walking forward

Fire Country cast photo of them walking forward

Now, ahead of Fire Country season 2's debut on Friday, February 16, on CBS, Deadline reports that the show is setting its eye on a potential sheriff-centered spinoff and a franchise for the firefighter saga. A new character will be introduced in season 2 that could lead to her own show. However, it's also noted that the plans are flexible, as this new character could ultimately end up remaining with the main series. Alternatively, a decision could be made to focus on a different character for the spinoff. Casting is currently underway for the role of a female sheriff who will begin as a guest star but could become a regular.

Success and Potential

The fact that Fire Country is already being eyed for spinoffs is not surprising when considering its success in the ratings. In its first outing, the drama had the distinction of being the most-watched broadcast series for the season. It averaged 8 million viewers per episode, growing to 10 million once multi-platform viewing across 35 days was taken into account.

CBS president and CEO George Cheeks even alluded to Fire Country's franchise potential in comparison to NCIS. Cheeks said at the time that the Fire Country team had already figured out interesting ideas and ways to broaden the world. NCIS is a strong example of a successful CBS brand, with almost a perfect track record of hit spinoffs, including the recent NCIS: Sydney. The same is true for the long-running CSI and the relatively newer FBI, each with their offshoots.

The most notable exception to the popular franchise rule for CBS is Criminal Minds. Though the original continues to resonate, even leading to a revival, attempts to make other versions haven't worked. It could be too early for Fire Country to grow, but that also depends on who is chosen to lead a spinoff and how that connects with the main characters that audiences already know.

Looking Ahead

With the upcoming debut of Fire Country season 2, the anticipation for potential spinoffs and a franchise for the firefighter saga is growing. The introduction of a new character in season 2 may pave the way for an entirely new show centered around a female sheriff. The plans for expansion are flexible, and the success of Fire Country's first season has set the stage for a potential CBS franchise.

As Fire Country continues to captivate audiences with its gripping storytelling and compelling characters, the possibilities for future spinoffs and a broader franchise are becoming increasingly intriguing. The creative minds behind the show are already exploring ways to expand the world of Fire Country, and fans eagerly await the unfolding of new storylines and characters that could lead to an exciting new chapter in the CBS television landscape.