Fans Eagerly Anticipate Precure's Upcoming 2024 Anime Series

Fans Eagerly Anticipate Precure's Upcoming 2024 Anime Series

Get ready for an exhilarating surprise from the Precure franchise! Brace yourselves as the 21st season, 'Wonderful PreCure,' is set to release in 2024 Immerse yourself in this thrilling announcement and discover what fans are buzzing about!

The 21st instalment of the long-running anime franchise, Precure, has been announced. Let's explore the upcoming series and see how fans are responding. Pretty Cure, also known as Precure, first debuted in 2004 as a magical girl anime and has since expanded to include movies, manga, toys, video games, and a total of 850 episodes.

Despite expectations for the franchise to lose momentum, it shows no signs of stopping. The 21st anime installment, titled Wonderful PreCure, is set to release in 2024, offering a glimpse into what's to come.

Wonderful PreCure announcement

On November 29, the 21st Precure season was announced.

In addition to announcing a new series in 2024, the anime has also unveiled its official website and introduced the catchphrase: “Let’s be good friends, everyone. Wonderful …!”

It’s safe to say, this new story is definitely going to be kawaii!

Wonderful PreCure: What do we know so far?

Toei Animations produced the series, directed by Tomoe and written by Higashi Satou. Inspired by Smile PreCure!, the 9th installment of the franchise, the series will be based on fairytales. In the Precure universe, each series follows a group of teenage magical girls, known as Pretty Cures, who have the ability to transform into legendary warriors and use their magical powers to combat evil forces.

Fan reactions to Wonderful PreCure

Despite the title of the series and the released logo, there is much speculation among fans that this season might revolve around pets. However, it's important to note that this is still just speculation and hasn't been officially confirmed.

Since it was first announced, fans have taken to Discord, Twitter and Reddit to celebrate the announcement of this new series.

Excitement is definitely high, especially for those who have grown up watching the Precure anime. And with "wonderful" possibly being an onomatopoeia for a dog barking in Japan, fans are speculating that this new installment could be animal-themed. Woof-derful anyone?

The series is expected to focus on dogs and cats as it is pet-themed. However, a curious fan on Reddit inquired about the possibility of seeing unconventional pets such as dragons and unicorns.


Others took to Twitter to post their predictions and reactions, almost as soon as the news was announced.


The excitement for the 21st season of the beloved franchise is evident in the thousands of views on Twitter posts and the frequent Reddit threads. We will keep you updated as soon as new information about the Precure universe, including release date, where to watch, and how to watch, is announced. Stay tuned for all the colorful updates!

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Editor's P/S

As an enthusiastic fan of the Precure franchise, I am thrilled about the upcoming release of the 21st season, "Wonderful PreCure," in 2024. The franchise has consistently captivated audiences with its magical girl adventures, and I can't wait to see what new and exciting stories the upcoming season will bring.

The announcement of "Wonderful PreCure" has generated a lot of buzz among fans, with many speculating about the theme and characters of the new season. Based on the released logo and title, there is speculation that the season may revolve around pets, particularly dogs and cats. This would be a fun and unique twist on the franchise, and I'm excited to see how the creative team incorporates this theme into the story.

I'm also curious to learn more about the characters in "Wonderful PreCure." Will we see new Pretty Cures, or will familiar faces from previous seasons return? The possibilities are endless, and I can't wait to find out more about the magical girls who will be fighting evil and spreading happiness in the new season.

Overall, I'm incredibly excited for the release of "Wonderful PreCure" in 2024. The franchise has a proven track record of delivering high-quality magical girl anime, and I'm confident that the upcoming season will be no exception. I can't wait to join the rest of the fans in celebrating the 21st anniversary of Precure and experiencing the wonderful adventures that lie ahead.