Esteemed South African Skydiver Gains Global Recognition – Including Hollywood

Esteemed South African Skydiver Gains Global Recognition – Including Hollywood

Renowned South African skydiver, Jean Jacques Wallis, captivates global attention, including Hollywood, with his unrivaled expertise in extreme sports Always seeking his next thrilling adventure, Wallis effortlessly becomes the epitome of adventure itself

Jean Jacques "JJ" Wallis dedicates a significant amount of his time to seeking out thrilling adventures in his native South Africa. However, his expertise as a professional skydiver, BASE jumper, and wing flyer often leads to adventure finding him first. In 2017, Wallis established BASE Jump Africa, an online community where adrenaline enthusiasts and fellow global air sports experts seek to connect with him and tap into his valuable knowledge.

Wallis says that he willingly provides as much information as possible. Giving out information freely is beneficial as it could potentially save more individuals and elevate everyone's proficiency level. Having been exposed to air sports from a young age, he obtained his skydiving license immediately after completing high school. He then embarked on a career in the film and TV industry, where he executed and documented his own stunts for commercials.

After 20 years of expertise, Wallis has finally reaped the benefits of his hard work. Recently, he had the opportunity to assist with parachutes in the popular "Mission: Impossible" film franchise alongside actor Tom Cruise.

The world of African cinema is currently buzzing with excitement. However, there remains a question about its lack of wider recognition.

"It was an incredibly exciting experience, undoubtedly enhancing my film (resume)," he remarks, further noting that it was accompanied by a slight amount of stress, ensuring that the parachutes were flawlessly packed for each jump."

With a strong emphasis on safety, Wallis aspires to use his expertise to boost people's self-assurance in pursuing air sports.

"Observing the world from a unique vantage point has perpetually captivated humans," he states. "While many view our daring endeavors with skepticism, we believe that those who refrain from embarking on such undertakings are the ones missing out on an exhilarating experience."

To witness Wallis' thrilling aerial escapades, please view the video positioned at the top of this page.