Disney Doc Howard Back on Disney+ After Online Outcry

Disney Doc Howard Back on Disney+ After Online Outcry

Disney has reversed its decision to remove the biographical documentary Howard from Disney+ after facing online backlash The documentary explores the life of Howard Ashman, the composer behind some of Disney's most iconic scores Many criticized the decision to remove the documentary as ill-timed

Disney has recently faced backlash after announcing the removal of the biographical documentary, Howard, from its streaming platform, Disney+. The documentary, directed by Don Hahn, showcases the life of composer Howard Ashman, who worked closely with Alan Menken to create some of Disney's most beloved musical scores, such as Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Little Mermaid.

Initially, Disney had planned to remove the documentary from Disney+ on May 26. However, due to the significant online backlash from Disney fans, the company has decided to reverse their decision and keep Howard available on the platform. This is great news for fans who were concerned that the documentary would be lost forever.

Why Howard’s Initial Removal Decision Caused So Much Backlash

Disney Doc Howard Back on Disney+ After Online Outcry

As soon as news of Howard’s removal from Disney+ spread, online commenters were quick to point out the unfortunate timing of the decision. Not only did Howard compose the score for the original 1989 version of The Little Mermaid, but the live-action remake was also set to release on May 26. Fans felt that Disney’s move to take down Howard’s documentary was a disrespectful gesture towards Ashman's legacy.

The documentary also highlights Ashman's significant contributions to the LGBTQ+ community, making his removal from the platform all the more disappointing. It is worth noting that Howard’s removal from Disney+ occurred at the end of May, just before the start of Pride Month in June. By removing one of the few queer-themed films on the platform, Disney would have been taking a step backward in terms of representation. This decision would not only remove the documentary about the mastermind behind The Little Mermaid score but also diminish the already limited representation of LGBTQ+ characters in Disney’s media.

Fortunately, Disney has responded to the public outcry and decided to retain Howard on the platform. Although the initial decision was disappointing, it is possible that the attention the controversy has received will generate more interest in the documentary. In fact, the aftermath of the Howard situation may even have a positive outcome, by increasing exposure for a beloved LGBTQ+ Disney icon during Pride Month. This turn of events is a hopeful reminder that progress can be made when voices are raised and individuals take a stand for what is right. The decision to keep Howard on the platform is an important step towards inclusivity and acceptance for all members of the LGBTQ+ community.