Diablo 4 Causes Mass Controversy with Unexpected Twist!

Diablo 4 Causes Mass Controversy with Unexpected Twist!

Despite critical acclaim, Diablo 4 faces an onslaught of negative user reviews, denting its reputation The game's divisive reception highlights a disconnect between critics and players

Diablo 4 is facing another wave of negative reviews, this time from fans who are disappointed with the recent changes in the game. Initially, Diablo 4 received positive feedback from critics, but hardcore fans have had a more complicated relationship with the action-RPG. This led to a significant drop in the user rating on the review aggregator site Metacritic, as disgruntled fans expressed their dissatisfaction.

During the first round of review bombing, Diablo 4's user rating plummeted to a dismal 4.8, a stark contrast to the overall score of 87 given by critics. This initial backlash was fueled by fans' frustration with the game's server issues, microtransactions, and live service approach. Despite a period of improved sentiments, it appears that public opinion has once again turned for the worse.

Diablo 4 Causes Mass Controversy with Unexpected Twist!

Diablo 4's Metacritic page is now inundated with over 100 additional negative user reviews. These fans express their dissatisfaction with the recent changes introduced in the latest update. For those unaware, Blizzard recently rolled out an update for Diablo 4 that significantly weakened all classes and implemented various other modifications that fans are not pleased with. The response to this update has been so intense that Blizzard has scheduled a special Campfire Chat on Friday, July 21, to directly address these concerns.

The ongoing review bombing campaign has caused Diablo 4's user score to plummet to 4.0. As of now, the PC version of the game has received over 2,000 negative user reviews, while positive reviews stand at just 980 and mixed reviews at 265. These numbers fluctuate frequently, indicating that the current review bombing effort targeting Diablo 4 is still ongoing. Given that Diablo 4 Season 1 is set to begin on July 20, it is expected that the review bombing will continue for a few more days.

It remains uncertain how Blizzard will respond to the intense backlash sparked by the recent updates to Diablo 4. Some fans are demanding a complete reversal of all the changes made in the patch, but it is unlikely that their wishes will be granted. Diablo 4 fans should mark their calendars for the Campfire Chat on Friday, July 21, as Blizzard will reveal more information about their plans for the game's future.

Diablo 4 is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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