Create Stunning Websites on Your Windows Desktop with WordPress Studio

Create Stunning Websites on Your Windows Desktop with WordPress Studio

Discover WordPress Studio, the new Windows desktop app that empowers users to easily build and share websites directly from their desktop for free.

Last month, WordPress introduced a desktop app for creating or testing WordPress sites, but it was only available for Apple Mac devices. However, this month, WordPress has launched WordPress Studio for Microsoft Windows users.

WordPress stated that more than 25% of WordPress developers are Microsoft Windows users. Additionally, there are likely many more non-developers who use WordPress for their websites and would be interested in learning how to create with it.

WordPress Studio is a user-friendly development platform designed to assist developers using Microsoft Windows and non-developers looking to learn WordPress without risking any mistakes on a live website.

The official WordPress announcement elaborated on this.

We are excited to announce that the Windows version of Studio, our free and open source local WordPress development environment, is now live! Just like the MacOS version, Studio for Windows is designed to be fast and user-friendly for building WordPress sites locally.

Local WordPress Development

Local development is the process of working on a website from your desktop instead of directly on a webhost. There are several advantages to working on a website locally, with convenience being the most significant benefit. By working on a website on your desktop, you reduce the risk of making mistakes that could accidentally make the site live and negatively impact its ranking. This is another reason why local development is a preferred choice.

One benefit of local development is that it is more cost-effective, quicker, and simpler for those with limited development skills compared to setting up an online testing site. This is helpful for testing new plugins to ensure they won't cause any issues on a website or for creating demo sites to share with clients or team members.

On the flip side, some of the popular local development platforms have been challenging to learn, which can be inconvenient for publishers and small businesses who are short on time. I have experienced this myself when using various local development platforms in the past.

WordPress Studio

WordPress Studio is a new solution created by WordPress to address the challenge of local WordPress development. This tool is designed specifically for WordPress users, making it simpler for them to test, develop, and enhance their skills with the platform. Previously, it was difficult to experiment with WordPress sites without risking breaking them. Additionally, testing WordPress plugins required extra costs. With WordPress Studio, users can now easily explore and learn how to use WordPress without any hassle.

WordPress lists the following benefits:

Demo sites

Forget Ngrok-like tunnels—share interactive snapshots of your local sites with clients or colleagues, powered by

Superfast WordPress installation

Regardless of how many sites you’re working on, you can create unlimited local sites in Studio.

Dependency-free building

Build lightweight and reliable local WordPress sites, powered by WordPress Playground, without the hassle of Docker, NGINX, Apache, or MySQL.

One-click admin

Spend less time wrangling passwords—open WP Admin for each site with just one click.

Open your site anywhere

Develop your sites your way. Open your site’s code in your favorite IDE, CLI, or file browser to fit your workflow.

Built by the biggest contributor to WordPress core

With 109 active contributors, we know WordPress inside and out.

Create And Share A Demo Site

WordPress Studio offers a great feature that allows you to share your demo sites with team members or clients for feedback and improvements. To start, create a account and link it to the Studio desktop app. You can host up to five demo sites for free on a temporary domain (, which will last for 7 days after the last update. Simply update the demo site to extend its duration.

You have the option to manually delete demo sites from both the hosted demo and the desktop.

Screenshot Of How To Delete A Website In Studio

Exporting a Theme Support

Users of the WordPress Studio local development environment have the option to export a theme. This feature allows users to create a theme on their desktop and then easily export it. The Studio app will package the theme as a zip file, ready to be uploaded to a live site or staging environment online.

Full instructions on how to use Studio can be found on It seems like using Studio is easier compared to other local development solutions, which are usually designed for a variety of websites, not just WordPress sites. The learning curve for Studio seems to be pretty smooth compared to other local development tools.

Learn more about the Windows version of WordPress Studio.

Studio: Now Available for Windows

Download a Windows or Mac version of Studio, both versions are free:

Build Fast, Ship Faster with Studio

Editor's P/S:

WordPress Studio's arrival on Microsoft Windows is a significant milestone for WordPress development. By providing a user-friendly platform tailored specifically for Windows users, WordPress is making it easier for a broader audience to create, test, and learn about their platform. The benefits of local WordPress development are numerous, including reduced risk, cost-effectiveness, and a simplified workflow. WordPress Studio aims to address the challenges of local development by providing a streamlined experience, eliminating the need for complex setups and dependencies.

Overall, the launch of WordPress Studio for Windows is a positive development for the WordPress ecosystem. It empowers more users with the ability to build and enhance WordPress sites locally, fostering innovation and contributing to the platform's growth. With its intuitive interface, streamlined features, and compatibility with Windows, WordPress Studio has the potential to become the go-to local development tool for WordPress enthusiasts and professionals.