AHS Season 12 Unveiled: Cast, Setting, and Jaw-Dropping Details!

AHS Season 12 Unveiled: Cast, Setting, and Jaw-Dropping Details!

Discover the chilling secrets of American Horror Story Season 12! Unveiling confirmed cast members, spine-tingling story details, and the highly anticipated release date Get ready for another terrifying chapter in this iconic series

The franchise of American Horror Story has a lot to anticipate with the updates for season 12, following the conclusion of NYC. Over the years, the American Horror Story universe has expanded significantly, with Ryan Murphy also leading a spinoff series called American Horror Stories. Despite being on the air for a decade, the franchise shows no signs of ending and continues to create horrifying stories with a highly talented cast. After the mixed reviews of Double Feature, season 11 of American Horror Story brought back serial killer villains in a new setting, and it is expected that season 12 will introduce new twists as well.

Titled Delicate, American Horror Story season 12 appears to return to a more cult-themed horror. The season revolves around a pregnant woman who becomes convinced that there is a conspiracy involving her unborn baby. Drawing comparisons to Rosemary's Baby, the season faced controversy early on when Ryan Murphy cast Kim Kardashian in one of the lead roles. However, AHS veterans such as Emma Roberts and Zachary Quinto will also be making a return.

The Latest American Horror Story Season 12 News

AHS Season 12 Unveiled: Cast, Setting, and Jaw-Dropping Details!

Zachary Quinto, known for his previous appearances in American Horror Story, has made a comeback in the latest season 12. Quinto, who played a victim of Tate Langdon's ghost in Murder House and had a significant role as Dr. Oliver Thredson/Bloody Face in Asylum, returned in the previous season set in NYC. Now, he is set to make a cameo appearance in the new season titled Delicate. Quinto not only discussed his own involvement in the series but also commented on the controversial casting decision of Kim Kardashian as one of the main characters in this season.

I had the opportunity to make a special appearance on this season of American Horror Story, where I had the pleasure of meeting her. She exuded such charm and warmth, and honestly, I believe she is more than capable on her own. It was evident that she was completely in her element, and I was truly impressed by her vibrant energy and willingness to embrace new experiences. I am eagerly anticipating this season because I am confident that she will excel in her role.

American Horror Story Season 12 is Confirmed

American Horror Story season 12 was officially confirmed a few years ago, and in 2020, FX renewed the show for two more seasons, extending it through season 13. FX chairman John Landgraf expressed the possibility of the show continuing for even longer, suggesting it could potentially reach 20 seasons. Ryan Murphy, the creator of American Horror Story, shared the same sentiment, noting that the season titled "Roanoke" was a turning point for him, making him believe that the show has the potential to evolve and experiment with different formats for many years to come.

American Horror Story Season 12 Release Date

AHS Season 12 Unveiled: Cast, Setting, and Jaw-Dropping Details!

At present, the anticipated release date for American Horror Story season 12 is August 1, 2023, coinciding with the launch of the source novel, Delicate Condition. Nonetheless, due to the ongoing writer's strike, there is a possibility of a delay in the season's premiere. While a lone writer is currently working on Delicate, the strike involving former AHS writers has caused a halt in filming. Despite the potential for a delay beyond August 1, the season is expected to make its debut in the near future.

American Horror Story Season 12 Cast

AHS Season 12 Unveiled: Cast, Setting, and Jaw-Dropping Details!

One of the most controversial updates for the cast of American Horror Story season 12 involved the signing of Kim Kardashian by Ryan Murphy. Despite being a reality TV megastar, Kardashian's lack of professional acting experience led to criticism of her casting as a mere stunt. However, there were several individuals, including Murphy and AHS veteran Zachary Quinto, who defended Kardashian. In the series, Kardashian will portray a character named Tanya. Joining her as another prominent female star is Emma Roberts, who will take on the role of Anna Alcott. This marks Roberts' sixth appearance in the American Horror Story season 12 cast.

Cara Delevingne, known for her roles in Suicide Squad and Paper Towns, has joined the cast of AHS season 12. Annabelle Dexter-Jones, who previously appeared in Succession, will also be part of the new season. Matt Czuchry, known for his work in The Resident and The Good Wife, will portray the character Dex. Additionally, Michaela Jaé Rodriguez from Pose has been confirmed as part of the known AHS season 12 cast so far.

American Horror Story Season 12 Story Details

The upcoming season 12 of American Horror Story is based on the yet-to-be-published book, Delicate Condition by Danielle Valentine. The gripping thriller follows the story of a pregnant woman who becomes convinced that a sinister conspiracy is preventing her from having her baby. Despite her doctor's claims of a miscarriage, she remains steadfast in her belief that she is still carrying a child. With her husband dismissing her concerns, she becomes increasingly convinced that dark forces are at play and that she is being watched. This chilling tale draws comparisons to the classic horror film, Rosemary's Baby.

AHS Season 12 Unveiled: Cast, Setting, and Jaw-Dropping Details!