What is backlink? How to build high quality backlinks?

Surely longtime SEOers or even those who are new to SEO have heard many times about the concept of Backlink. So what are backlinks? Does it matter for SEO? How to build high quality backlinks? Let's learn together with in this article.

Before going into the details of the method for building high-quality backlinks, we need to clarify its definition first.

What is backlink?

What is backlink? How to build high quality backlinks?

Backlink is a term in SEO that refers to a link (hyperlink) from one or more external websites pointing to a specific page on the website of an SEOer.

Basic components of a backlink

Basic components of a backlink

Backlink consists of 3 main components:

  • Path (URL): The path that points to the destination page
  • Anchor Text: Text (word) containing the link
  • Link attributes: (target, rel, title...)


<a href="" title="Your Page" rel="dofollow">Your Page</a> is the URL

Your Page is the Anchor Text

title="Your Page" rel="dofollow" is the Attribute

The importance of backlinks in SEO

Until now, backlinks still play an important role in SEO. The more backlinks the website has, the better SEO results the website gets.

For Internet users

Backlink is a tool that helps users access websites with related content if they want to learn more information displayed on Anchor Text.

For search engine ranking algorithms

Backlink shows virality, popularity of a "web page" and website on the Internet. The higher the number of backlinks, the higher the virality, popularity, and trust. This is one of the important criteria in ranking the position of results on search engines (eg Google).

Why prioritize quality over quantity when building backlinks?

When SEO just started appearing in countries, including Vietnam, many SEOers abused Google's Backlink algorithm to "spam" links indiscriminately, making the ranking mechanism of many search engines worse. Search (including Google) is manipulated, resulting in search results that no longer provide a good user experience. Therefore, over the years, Google and many other search engines have gradually optimized the search results ranking algorithms based on backlink criteria, specifically as follows:

  • The search engine prioritizes displaying results with backlinks from pages with long-standing domains.
  • Search engines prioritize showing results with backlinks from pages with relevant content with the landing page and anchor text.
  • Search engines prioritize showing results with backlinks from pages with natural content, bringing high value to Internet users.
  • Backlinks from new websites that do not have a high reputation will have a lower value.
  • Search engines limit the display of results with backlinks from websites with poor content, duplicate, copy, low value to Internet users.
  • Search engines restrict showing results with backlinks from websites with domains listed as "blacklist".
  • Limited search engines show results with a high number of backlinks but unnatural content (given the use of "link shot" software).

What are high quality backlinks?

So what kind of backlink is considered high quality?

Based on the factors that I have analyzed in the above paragraph, a high-quality backlink converges enough ... the factors below:

  1. Backlinks from websites with high domain age, from 2 years or more.
  2. Backlinks from websites whose domain is highly rated on the Internet (with many high-value content pages, good user experience).
  3. Backlinks from websites or web pages with content related to the landing page.
  4. Backlinks have many users clicking and visiting the landing page.

How to build high quality backlinks?

First of all, I want to share with you a realistic view of backlinks, which many SEOers are intentionally or forced to ignore:

"Backlink is not simply a website link, it also means a valuable link."

If you are the owner of a forum (forum), do you want your forum to have backlinks pointing to "spammy websites, low content value or irrelevant content", as well as inserting links that do not bring any benefits. add some value to your forum. That's right, the answer in most cases would be NO!

  • And so are the forums and websites with the guess post function, they don't want their brainchild to become a battlefield for spammers.

    Therefore, my advice to be able to build high-quality backlinks is as follows:

    For building backlinks from websites with guess post function (Forum, Q&A website, blog...):
    1. Follow the rules of the website you want to insert the link: Please take the time to carefully read the regulations of the website you want to insert the link. Usually, forums will have regulations on posting with content in the right category, the minimum number of words in a post, the level of naturalness and uniqueness of the post, the number of posts increase. minimum before the link can be inserted. Compliance with the regulations of the website where you want to insert the link will help you avoid the risk of having your post deleted before the censorship of the moderator or Admin. Some forums even forbid the insertion of backlinks, so please read the rules carefully to avoid wasting time.
    2. Build high-value content for the community and for the website you are linking to: Creating high-value posts for the community not only helps you get appreciated by the moderator, but also increases your backlinks. increasingly valuable. Because if the website you want to insert the link is more appreciated for the content, the power of the backlink transmitted to your website is also increasing.
    3. Limit the number of backlinks present on a post: Inserting multiple backlinks on a single post will reduce the user experience if they view your post, decrease the value of their post content, as well as increase the number of backlinks per post. the risk of having your post deleted or your account locked due to a violation of the forum or website's regulations.
    4. Absolutely say no to Spamming Tool: Absolutely do not use spamming tools and software such as "Spin content", automatically post on forums, automatically shoot links. In essence, these software do not provide any value in SEO, but also put your website at high risk of being subject to manual tasks of Googlers.
  • For building backlinks from satellite websites:
    1. Build separate content themes for each satellite website: Some SEOers still follow the same path when trying to create duplicates of the main website to make a satellite website. This will reduce the uniqueness of the main website's content, as well as reduce the effectiveness of the backlinks from the satellite website pointing to the main website.
    2. Build high-value content for users on satellite websites: As analyzed above, high-quality Backlinks are backlinks pointing from websites with good content. Therefore, even if it is a satellite website, you still have to build it with content that is natural and valuable to readers (instead of content copied from other websites).
    3. Regularly adding content regularly: Updating more content will help the satellite website be more and more appreciated on the evaluation systems, helping the backlink power to be increasingly increased.
    4. Place backlink wisely: Don't insert backlink in a random way, but put it in the right places with high CTR (click rate). This in addition to enhancing the value of backlinks also helps your main website get more traffic (traffic).

Prefer quality or quantity?

As an SEOer who has experienced many projects with many different roles, I understand the pressures that SEOers have to shoulder, from heavy KPIs to rushing deadlines. Maybe you have grasped all the content above, but because of top-down pressure, you have to follow the old path. However, SEO is a long way, and if it comes to the long term, quality always wins over quantity.

"SEO is not the number of backlinks/day, SEO is the amount of value you create for users/day."

If you are, will you choose quality or quantity, please leave a comment below to let me know!


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