Coca-Cola's Music Marketing Strategy

In the world of Marketing, Coca-Cola is considered as one of the masters of Advertising & Communication, as this brand is always at the forefront of the trends in message design & advertising images. Music is one of the materials that Coca-Cola always includes in most of its marketing campaigns with a proven high level of effectiveness. Sometimes you just need to hear a few notes to immediately think of the name Coca-Cola.

In the framework of this article, will join you to learn about Coca-Cola's Music Marketing strategy.

Coca-Cola's Music Marketing Strategy

Overview of Music Marketing

Music Marketing is one of the most popular marketing communication methods today, chosen by many brands and businesses because of the characteristics of music such as virality, the ability to evoke strong emotions. strong, high memorable impression. Businesses today tend to reach consumers through popular culture such as music (background music, lyrics) instead of just conveying content in a dry way like before.

According to the results of a study by Forbes, branded music content improves recall 59% better than regular content, and users also tend to search for related phrases. In terms of brand, that company is 14% higher.

In addition to Coca-Cola, other famous brands such as Starbucks, Cap'n Crunch, Nutella, Lexus... have also been using music to promote their brands instead of traditional content messages such as: prior to.

However, when it comes to Music Marketing, of course Coca-Cola is one of the trending brands.

Coca-Cola's first pilot campaign

In 1970, Coca-Cola spent a large amount of money on research on the behavior and habits of customers & consumers. They believe that mastering these habits is the key to successful marketing campaigns. After inviting time to research on a large scale across the United States, Coca-Cola realized that people in this country spend an average of more than 4 hours a day listening to music, through radio stations, online… And Of course, they have concluded that music is one of the factors that can help them create explosive Marketing & advertising campaigns.

The first test took place in 1971. In this campaign, Coca-Cola gathered more than 500 carefully screened vocalists to record and shoot the song in the advertisement "I'd like to buy the world". a Coke". The results that followed made Coca-Cola extremely surprised. This campaign has brought great success for Coca-Cola when the company received more than 100,000 urgent letters requesting to broadcast the song continuously on the radio. The song "I'd like to buy the world a Coke" later also entered the top 10 most popular hits, becoming one of Coca-Cola's most successful commercials with an investment amount of up to $250,000 – a huge number at the time.

From the huge success of "I'd like to buy the world a Coke", Coca-Cola immediately embarked on an in-depth study of Music Marketing, as well as began to build & expand relationships with singers. , famous artist. Hilda Clark - famous female singer and actress - is one of the names that can be mentioned. She started  Coca-Cola has cooperated with Coca-Cola since the late 19th century. Her image in print advertisements created a "hit" in the consumer market and created a turning point. when using celebrities in future publications.

Poster of Coca-Cola using the image of actress - singer Hilda Clark

Poster of Coca-Cola using the image of actress - singer Hilda Clark

After that, Coca-Cola continuously created successful campaigns with music elements such as Share A Coke, Open Happiness… The common point of these works is that they were all inspired by Coca-Cola bottles.

"Move to the beat" & 2012 Olympics

In 2012, Cocla took Music Marketing to the next level with a Marketing campaign called "Move to the beat". Specifically, the label invited famous music producer Mark Ronson and singer Katie B and 5 typical Olympic athletes to participate in the production of a music video. The production team used sound materials that are sounds emitted from attractive sports at the Olympics such as table tennis, gymnastics, athletics, shooting, etc., combined with electronic sounds. from music genres loved by young people such as Hip Hop, Dance to create a song that set fire to the Olympics at that time.

Video quảng cáo Coca-Cola Move to the Beat of London 2012

Coca-Cola promotional video "Move to the Beat of London 2012"

After the campaign ended, it is not surprising that this Promotional Video has achieved impressive numbers: 25 million TVC views on both mobile and desktop devices, 242 million impressions on websites social, 39 million impressions on Facebook, 546 thousand impressions on Youtube and Beat TV; Coca-Cola has attracted an additional 1.5 million fans on Facebook and 21,000 followers on Twitter, 1220 people have signed up to Coca-Cola's Youtube channel.

This campaign also helped Coca-Cola become the second most mentioned brand (after Adidas) at the 2012 London Olympics.

Music Marketing – Coca-Cola's Pioneering Vision

Since the first Music Marketing campaign, after years of research and development, Coca-Cola has tried to diversify every possible form of Music Marketing, such as the release of the national anthem songs for the Olympics and EURO Cup, launch of social music app Placelists…

On June 8, 2018, Coca-Cola launched Coke Studio - a music platform built and developed by this company, taking advantage of the influence of rock stars. The platform features videos of live studio show content, bringing together young contemporary artists and older master musicians, performing modern versions of classics in multiple regions. local. These videos will also be selected to broadcast at the most suitable times on nearly 11 satellite channels as well as cable channels of Coca-Cola.

Coke St's website interface: Link:

Coke St's website interface: Link:

Coke Studio's website interface uses dark tones as the main color to show the rebellious nature of Rock music, but still remains user-friendly. From the website's homepage, users can easily access the content they want to see. Uploaded content (photos, background music, movies, sound recordings) can be downloaded for free.

Besides, Coca-Cola also built a very good connection between Coke Studio and the media campaigns behind it. In a 2017 interview, Nick Felder, Coca-Cola's global corporate director of film and music production revealed, "Probably the biggest musical asset in the world for us at the time. This is Coke Studio – a TV show that performs live musicals. Coke Studio is not well known in the United States but is very popular in Pakistan, India, East Africa and South Africa.”


Music Marketing is one of the most effective marketing communication methods, thanks to the characteristics of music such as fast spreading speed, high memorability, impression and strong emotions. However, through Coca-Cola's campaigns, we can see that besides the music element, the company also does very well in other aspects such as organizing events, nurturing relationships with singers - artists. popularity, building a strong music community... These factors are also important catalysts for Coca-Cola's success.

Besides, in order for his music to touch the hearts of listeners and persist for a long time, the conveyed message must be humanely about family, community, youth... It plays a very important role in helping marketers create emotional experiences that engage customers with brands.

As a pioneer and leader in the Music Marketing trend, Coca-Cola has always updated and improved the formula for the success of Music Marketing because music is always evolving and changing. Therefore, marketers today need more creativity to be able to create a groundbreaking new Music Marketing campaign. hopes that this article has provided many useful knowledge and information to readers.


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