What is Network marketing? Origin & Types, Features

Network marketing refers primarily to a marketing tool that companies use to increase their sales. Successful channelization relies on the formation of a distributor network, which may also be multi-leveled.

Network marketing enables manufacturers to move their goods by using multiple distributors and reaching customers at different levels.

What is Network marketing? Origin & Types, Features

There may be instances in which distributors have sub-distributors, but this is not standard.
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It's extremely difficult to produce traditional retail with online-only retailers. The issue has led to distribution chains where the manufacturers or sellers rely on different levels of the value chain.

Learning about lead generation in network marketing is critical for beginner and more veteran marketers alike. Here, we'll pay attention to each step of the process in great detail.

Introduction to Network Marketing

Manufacturers create marketing campaigns in order to market their products to clients at different levels. They do this by rewarding these customers for sharing their content.

As a result, these distributors and dealers are the company's direct sales representatives.

With effective marketing that doesn't require investing in traditional advertising, the company can advertise its products to a wide audience. It is one form of business model involving a multiple-level structured network of individuals who sell the outcomes of a business.

The Linquia Network is a direct selling business model that can be easily scaled and managed. In addition to training other independent agents, the Network accommodates cross-industry collaborations and networking.

Commissions are received on the agent's operating profits, as well as revenue income of their hired sales force and hires.

This industry known as multi-level marketing (MLM), mobile phone marketing, or by various similar names has been extremely lucrative for people who have applied their skills and time. Unfortunately, this industry has pasts that include being a consumer fraud tool. It's even got more restrictions in many countries because of the misuse of its power.

This form of marketing is an excellent opportunity for people seeking part-time or flexible businesses. In fact, it's one of the best ways to earn side income without any additional work outside of marketing products on behalf of a business.

In this industry, you'll typically find companies like Amway, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Melaleuca and Avon. These companies generally offer a quicker return on the money you invest in marketing services: most commonly an investment of only a few hundred dollars from which you can sell a product line to your own personal contacts.

Origin of Network Marketing

The multi-level marketing model of network marketing came into existence in the year 1945.

Carl Rehnborg invented multi-level marketing, also known as network marketing, later known as affiliate marketing. This multilevel partnering system has grown to be a substantial and ubiquitous modality of the marketing sphere.

After originally using this business model, Amway was able to establish itself in 1972. In the years since, this business model has contined on to grow and reach new heights.

Let us now have a look upon different types of network marketing that are quite prevalent around the world

Three Types of Network Marketing

Network marketing exists in three different models:

1. Single-Tier form of Network Marketing

Products sold by other companies are called product lines because they are not sold by their own company. They use independent consultants to sell them.

Are you interested in working with an organization where there is no intermediary or middleman? An organization with a single-tier network marketing affiliate program might be a good fit for you.

We offer a no-hassle seluriting platform so you can sell directly to customers. No need to worry about hiring dealers and paying them, because we take care of everything.

One of the most famous beauty firms, Avon, uses a marketing technique called single-tier networking. You'll only be charged for bringing traffic to the website when it's available in some online affiliate programs. An example of this type of networking is through PPC and PPL methods.

2. Two-Tier form of Network Marketing

This form of network marketing is referred to as a pyramid-type business because recruitment is an important part of the company. That said, its pay is not strictly based on this aspect.

Two-tier network marketing is a method of sales in which there are two levels of distributors who sell goods to their customers. With site sell, you get paid 40% commission on direct sales, and 25% commission when you delegate your goods to a distributor/distributor.

3. Multi-Level form of Network Marketing

Network marketing is one of the most popular types of business today. In fact, it's one of many types of networks that are prevalent around the world.

Multi-level marketing is a marketing system that's based on a distribution that includes more than two levels. This structure ensures maximum income for those at each level of the distribution.

There are several different ways to market your business online. Some methods, such as demand-driven contacts and driven by name contact marketing, allow one to earn more tiers than a traditional one-tier business. That leaves countless opportunities to hire people who want to be a part of what you're doing.

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a business model with many variations. Some organizations, like Amway and Magnetic Sponsoring, place the burden of sales on the distributors rather than the company; it's referred to as "direct selling." Another variation is known as LuLaRoe, where independent contractors buy wholesale and sell retail.

Now after a brief glance at different types of network marketing, let's consider some of the critical features you should think about in cases where your business is considering becoming network-based

Notable features of Network Marketing

1. Having a Hierarchal Structure

Now assume a "B" person has someone else in their ecosystem called the ""A"" individual. If the A individual sells something, the B person gets part of the sale. On the other hand, if the B person makes a sale it also gets a cut from the money from that sale as well. Now, create less of an hierarchy like this but have more people be involved in creating a commission and you'll have a larger market for new sellers to sign up for your program because it's not just one person who is making all these decisions.

2. No Advertising

Network marketing companies can also rely less on ads because direct-selling members are more loyal and have more power over customers than any advertisement. There is almost no need for ads when you have a hyper-controlled communications channel that impacts the customer's decision to purchase products.

3. Use of Direct Sales

Network marketing companies advertise their product by straightforwardly telling you why it's great and what it will do for you. No shady business tactics are involved in the process because the duty to sell is delegated to the humble, hardworking people who get a cut of the profits if they sell well.

4. Profits for the Participants

If you want to make some money too, participate in network marketing campaigns! You'll be able to network and make discounts that'll help you earn extra cash.

5. Inclusion of Selling Philosophy

Network marketing is different than other types of sales. As a means of selling, finding your target audience is an essential component. Focus on recruiting and gaining consumers while you earn the most commissions possible. Network marketers must be able to work with a lot of people regardless of their general trustworthiness. Be wary when someone tries to convince you or even trick you into buying their products or joining them as a sponsor.

6. Independent Business Owners (IBO)

The IBOs that participate in PBN are the people behind their own business. These affiliates promote their business to increase its visibility and drive grow at a faster rate.
Notice how most of these rewrites don't contain "your".

7. Inclusion of an Unfixed Salary Structures

Network marketing is a commission-based network that allows people to earn a commission for the work they put into it. In this field, the salary structures aren't fixed because the people providing the services aren't employees.

8. An Accountable Framework

In network marketing, it is everyone's responsibility to sell more products while getting an equal division of their earnings. In a commission-based network, the more you sell, the more you earn.

Structure of Network Marketing

Let's now examine the structure of network marketing campaigns

For companies that want to create a network marketing system, they first require multiple distributors, sub-distributors, and dealers who will sell their products.

So, when you purchase a product from one of these retailers, you're not just helping them make money. You're also getting a discount because they manufacturer and distribute the product in question.

Because the chain is moving on further, retailers need to sell products before consumers can buy them. Workers get paid for their purchases, which means these retailers have a chance to earn money from this marketing network.

What sets these companies apart from other brokers is the volume of goods sold. In other words, the number of products purchased or traded through their channels. The operations of these companies are close to those of insurance agents because they receive commission on the total volume that their clients purchase and trade.

Use of Network Marketing

Network marketing is a technique that's been around for some time. It's typically used in business structures that require multiple levels of marketing. The extensive network of retailers and their sub-distributors make these models practical, but they can also be used by retailers themselves to supplement their income.

Amway and Tupperware have processes that are easy to follow and requires very little time. Working with a part-time job can be a great way of earning some extra money. Your opportunity for success starts as you receive your first products at the beginning of the process.


Network marketing, or multi-level marketing, is a business model in which participants are required to build their own downline of distributors. These distributors are then required to recruit new distributors and so on and so forth, creating a pyramid scheme where the more people you recruit, the more money you can make. While it can be an extremely lucrative business, there are many risks involved with network marketing that should not be ignored. If you're interested in starting a network marketing business, be sure to do your research first and understand what these risks are!


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