What is Marketing: Learn the Definition and Meaning of This Important Term

What is marketing? Marketing is a very broad term that refers to the many ways in which companies are able to promote and sell their products or services. It includes advertising, marketing research, product placement, sales promotions, public relations, and other marketing activities. There are many different marketing strategies that have been used by successful brands over the years. If you want to learn more about what marketing really means for your company, keep reading!

What is Marketing?

When it comes to the concept of Marketing, many people often confuse it with some other concepts such as advertising sales, PR... This is a completely wrong way of thinking.

Marketing is the process of marketing goods and services, including branding, marketing research, advertising, sales promotion, pricing strategies (including discounts), sponsorship deals. Marketing management typically involves determining marketing objectives; identifying target markets for those products or services by analyzing marketing demographics and psychographics; developing a marketing plan to reach these targets with appropriate messages;

History of Marketing

When was the Marketing term first used?

The marketing concept was first established in 1887. The term, however, originates from the Old French word marcher meaning to go and take or carry goods on a walk. It is a combination of "march," which means trade and marketing-related activities that are carried out over a distance; plus "-er" - which signifies someone who carries something or performs an activity with respect to it." In other words, marketing is as old as trading!

Marketing in production-orientation era

Prior to the 1900s, marketing was largely confined within each individual producer. In this era, marketing fitted in with production and distribution as a part of their supply chain management.

Marketing in consumer-orientation era

In the late 1900s, marketing was defined as a two-step process: first how to produce goods and services; then "who" will buy them.

Marketing in customer relationship era

In the customer relationship marketing era, marketing focuses on "the development and management of mutually beneficial relationships between a company and its current or potential consumers."

How important is Marketing to a business?

Marketing is so important to a business. It defines the marketing strategy and marketing mix that will be used in order to reach its target market, which are different for every company. Without marketing, no one would know about your product or service!

Today, Marketing has become extremely popular in society, playing a vital role, directly related to the business results of businesses, or even in non-profit organizations, governments. The scale of Marketing activities is also expanded from local, national and international. Businesses that implement good marketing activities often have better business results when they understand the needs and desires of customers, thereby providing better customer value, competitive advantage and prestige. higher brand reputation, more market share than other businesses.

In the future, the concept of Marketing may still be adjusted by the change of factors in the social environment, technology... but still based on the core element of "being a bridge connecting customers and businesses".

How to learn marketing effectively

If you want to learn marketing effectively, then the best way is through a marketing course. If this isn't an option for you, we recommend reading marketing blogs and books about marketing

Marketing courses

Here are some marketing courses that will help you better understand the world of marketing:

- Introduction to Marketing by Dr. David Ball - This introductory class will introduce students to foundational concepts in marketing including its definition and history; how marketers create messages with customers as targets; what types of businesses employ different strategies when designing their offerings; methods used for creating demand for goods or services. The goal is not just understanding but also developing skills essential for success in marketing careers – critical thinking, creativity, storytelling and more! Learn from one of Canada's.

Marketing books

Here are some marketing books that will help you better understand the world of marketing:

- Principles of Marketing by Philip Kotler

- Marketing Management by Philip Kotler

- Marketing Essentials

- The McGraw-Hill Guide to Modern Marketing (McGraw Hill Education) by David Maister

- The marketing handbook by Joseph Juran.

Marketing blogs

Here are some marketing blogs for marketing and other related jobs which will help you better understand the world of marketing:

- Marketing Land by Danny Sullivan - " is devoted to everything digital marketing, from mobile technology to social media strategy."

- Chief Marketer by John Wirdman - offers a mix of insightful articles on current topics in marketing including best practice case studies, insights into the latest trends in marketing strategy as well as regular features that cover an even broader range of content such as branding or marketing technologies. They also provide news feeds covering both global events relevant to marketers and links to local happenings within specific markets around the globe. For anyone who's interested.

Should I learn marketing now?

If you have been thinking about marketing for a while now, then it is never too late to learn marketing. Businesses always need marketers to help them grow and compete in a competitive market world.


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