What are marketing offerings? Definition and classification

What are marketing offerings? In depth definition of marketing offerings

By reading Marketing textbooks, reports and scientific researches, we easily see the phrase “marketing offerings”. So, what does the phrase “marketing offerings” mean? Let’s figure out in this article.

Definition of Marketing Offerings

What are Marketing offerings?

Marketing Offerings are the term for what the manufacturer provides to the market. That is the combination of the product, the services, the information, the experience to satisfy needs and wants of the customer.

In other words, Marketing offerings are everything that businesses offer to their target customers and help them satisfy one or more certain needs, through the form of tangible and intangible products.

Classification of Marketing Offerings 

Marketing Offerings can be divided into two categories:

Tangible offerings (Tangible products)

What are tangible offerings (tangible products)?

Tangible offerings are products in the form of physical objects (can be touch). They are produced by a company or somebody, with functions to satisfy a certain need or desire of the customer.

Tangible products (tangible products) are the most basic form of the Marketing offerings when they visually shows us the how customer needs are satisfied by uses, features, design... of products.

For example:

Marketing offerings (tangible): Clothes


Marketing offerings (tangible): Cellphones


Marketing offertings (tangible): Foods


Marketing offerings (tangible): cars


Marketing offertings (tangible): Houses


Marketing offerings (tangible): Perfumes


Intangible offerings (Intangible products/services)

What are intangible offerings (intangible products/services)?

Intangible offerings (products) are marketing offerings delivered to customers through human or mechanical activities and may be referred to as a service. Although not visible to the eye, an intangible product has the same nature as a tangible product that can help customers satisfy their needs.

The types of intangible offerings are very diverse in consumer markets (spa, hotel, restaurant, travel, gym, Internet, dentistry...) and business markets (marketing services, advertisement, financial consultant, legal, factory lease, machinery rental, cloud technology services, human resource, information...)

Marketing offerings (intangible): Internet services

Internet services

Marketing offerings (intangible): Dental services

Dental services

Marketing offerings (intangible): Restaurant, cafe...

Restaurant, cafe...

Marketing offerings (intangible): Gym and yoga

Gym & Yoga

Marketing offerings (intangible): Human resources

Human resources

Marketing offerings (intangible): Information


Until now, I think you may have a clear figure of marketing offerings. Once again, Marketing offerings are everything that businesses offer to customers in order to satisfied their needs, which can be classified into two categories: tangible ones and intangibles one.

Wish you have a good day of studying and working!


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