What are Customer Insights? How to gain customer insights?

What are Customer Insights

What are Customer Insights

Customer Insights is a term in Marketing that refers to the ability of businesses to understand issues related to their target customers, across a broad spectrum (number, age, gender, income, occupation) ...) and depth (needs, wants, interests, behaviors, psychology, perceptions...).

The roles of Customer Insights for businesses

Businesses with good customer insights will have the right basis to develop the most suitable products/services for customers and consumers, thereby improving customer satisfaction and brand value. trademark of that enterprise.

Customer Insight is considered as one of the measures of the effectiveness of the Marketing team, especially those who specialize in market research & customer care.

Customer Insights helps businesses build the right and effective advertising campaigns, highlighting the interests inside customers.

Through the collection of "insight data", customers feel that they are cared about by the business, thereby tending to be more attached to the products/services of that business.

How to gain customer insights?

How to gain customer insights?

Proactive approach: Conduct marketing research

Marketing research (market research) is one of the popular methods to help businesses improve their customer insights effectively. Most of the research is done through surveying on a large set of subjects, then the collected data will be processed methodically and scientifically, thereby giving the most accurate results related to the research. to Customer Insight.

Passive method: Regularly observe and listen to customers

Observing & listening to customers is one of the methods to help businesses gain better customer insights over time. If Marketing research can help businesses get big data in a short time, Observing & listening to customers can be considered a "long-lasting rain" method. Emotions expressed on customers' faces, attitudes and intonations in voice, comments & criticisms of customers are extremely valuable data to help businesses know if customers are satisfied. satisfaction when using their products, as well as characteristics related to needs, wants...

Support tool: CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

The data related to customers, when collected, needs to be stored and retrieved quickly whenever the business needs it. However, if you only save on books or soft files on your computer, businesses will face many obstacles when the number of customers is increasing. Therefore, the application of CRM software in managing customer information will help businesses save a lot of effort and time in interacting with the collected Insight data.


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