What is POSM? Major types of POSM

What is POSM?

What is POSM? Major types of POSM

POSM stands for Point-of-Sale Materials, roughly translated as point-of-sale advertising materials, referring to all items used for the purpose of displaying and introducing information of brands. , products such as booths, banners, billboards, leaflets, posters... at a point of sale (retail/wholesale store, showroom, fair...).

Uses of POSM

Advertising and promoting

Advertising is, of course, one of the must-have uses of any POSM. Advertising messages can only be from simple types such as logos, product names, to elaborately designed images, integrated with other detailed information. The information shown on POSM is also quite diverse, from price, size, weight to description, schedule, version...


Decoration is another use of POSMs. If it is arranged reasonably and scientifically, surely your store, booth... will look much more beautiful with the participation of POSMs.


In addition, some POSMs have sales support functions, some of which are essential to many points of sale. For example, a shelf talker (small sticker containing price information) is affixed to the wall of a display shelf, right below an item, commonly found in convenience stores and supermarkets. Or booths, often seen in fairs and entertainment venues, act as a seller's booth.

Major types of POSM

Major types of POSM

1. Standee

Standee mẫu 3 chân - POSM

Standee is one of the most popular types of POSM because of its ease of use. The standees are usually designed in the form of a "tripod tripod" and a sheet (tarpaulin, fabric, paper... showing advertising information). Standee is often placed at the entrance of stores, showrooms, or next to booths, in events... Standee content often refers to a promotion, sale off, certain event.

2. Poster

Poster dán cửa kính tại 1 shop - POSM

A poster is a large-sized image with a decal on the back, which is pasted on flat surfaces such as cabinets, shelves, walls, billboards...

3. Leaflets

Leaflets tour du lịch - POSM

You can easily see leaflets at cinemas, car showrooms, laptops, tour ticket sales... The common feature of leaflets at POS (point of sale) is to provide information. Detailed information of products has a complex level, it takes time to learn and research... before buying.

4. Booth

Booth - POSM

Booth is a special form of POSM, structured like a booth and designed with the characteristics of a certain brand. In addition to the function of providing a sales and display space for a POS, the booth also supports in advertising images, brands of brands, products... We can easily see booths at fairs. Exhibitions, events, amusement parks, supermarkets, commercial centers...

5. Brand shelf

Brand shelf - POSM

Some major manufacturers and brands are willing to sponsor "brand shelves" for free for points of sale. The brand shelf is essentially a display shelf, but is designed with the sponsoring brand's signature style, and dedicated to displaying that brand's own products.

6. Shelf strip

Shelf strip - POSM

Shelf strip is a decal that is usually glued to the horizontal wall of the display shelves in department stores, convenience stores or supermarkets. The purpose of the shelf strip is to help customers distinguish and easily identify the above products displayed on the shelves, as well as contribute to promoting the brand of these products.

7. Shelf talker

Shelf-talker demo - POSM

Shelf talkers are stickers, small pieces of paper (plastic) with information about names, prices, product codes, promotions... right below products displayed on shelves, in convenience stores, supermarkets. market...

8. Wobbler

Wobbler - POSM

What the wobblers have in common is that there is always a support underneath the advertising faces. They are also often placed on display shelves at points of sale, to help customers easily identify the product locations they are looking for, as well as contribute to increasing brand awareness.

9. Hanger

Hanger - POSM

Hangers and items are used to hang on display shelves. The design of the hanger is also quite diverse, some hangers are also designed in the form of bags that can hold products.

10. Dangler

Danglers - POSM

Also used for hanging, but dangler is a special form of POSM that is hung from the ceiling at point of sale. Most types of dangler are used for advertising purposes, mainly for information.

11. Divider

Divider POSM

Divider is a type of POSM that divides shelves into many small areas. In addition to the separating function, the divider also helps to show the product theme in the divided area, as well as show the brand image of one or more specific brands.

12. Tester (Sampling, Sample)

Tester, sample, sampling POSM - Mẫu dùng thử

Tester (also known as sampling, sample) is a sample of a certain product, usually found at supermarkets or commercial centers. Generally, tester is a kind of POSM that complements local consumer products such as food, drink, perfume, essential oil...

13. Check-out counter (COC)

Check-out counter

Check-out counter (commonly referred to as COC, or Counter Shelf, Checkout Shelf) is a type of shelf usually placed in the checkout area, displaying a number of products that users can buy added while waiting for payment.

14. Showcase


Showcase (display box) is a type of POSM in the form of a box, cabinet, without a lid or lid made of transparent materials, which can contain products inside for the purpose of displaying and highlighting products. Some showcases have the effect of keeping products cold, called Showcase Cooler


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