What is CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)? CMO Job Description

What is CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)? CMO Job Description

What is CMO?

CMO stands for Chief Executive Officer (roughly translated as Chief Marketing Officer), is the name of one of the highest-level management positions of a company, responsible for all work related to the company. Marketing. In most cases, the CMO is responsible for reporting to the CEO within the same company. However, in some other cases (for example, the company only has a CMO or the CEO has entrusted all the powers to the CMO), the CMO has the same powers as a CEO.

Example of a CMO position in an organization chart of a business

Example of a CMO position in an organization chart of a business

Job Description of a CMO

The person holding the position of CMO in a company will be responsible for the following work contents:

  • Develop the company's overall marketing strategy and plan.
  • Planning and allocating the company's marketing budget.
  • Brand development orientation for the company
  • Orientation and development of mechanisms and policies for recruitment and training of Marketing personnel
  • Directing internal and external communications
  • Establish and maintain relationships between organizations and individuals communicating outside the business
  • Directing complex marketing tasks such as market research, new product development, pricing...

The role of the CMO in a business

CMO is a position with a particularly important role in an enterprise, profoundly affecting the development process of a business over a long period of time.

CMO is the person who builds and organizes the marketing activities of the business from zero

In many cases, the new time to take on the job is the time when the CMO will build and reorganize the marketing activities of the business. There are businesses that already have a staff, but in most cases, they have to plan and restructure to suit the development direction of the CMO.

CMO is the representative connecting between customers and businesses

Sometimes businesses need to stand in the shoes of the customer to handle the problem. But sometimes, the customer's requirements are too unreasonable for the business to respond. Therefore, a CMO will take on the role of mediating between customers and businesses throughout the development process.

CMO is the brand soul of the business

The CMO is the member who has the biggest influence on the brand as well as the longest commitment to that brand in a business. The brand image of the business in the minds of customers most accurately reflects the attitude and working capacity of the CMO in that business.

CMO is the engine that drives businesses forward

Of all the branches or departments of the business, only Marketing is the branch that always offers solutions to push the business further in development, while the other branches take on the maintenance functions. business in a stable manner. And of course, the head of the Marketing branch is none other than the CMO.

Required qualities of a CMO

A person is required to have some specific qualities in order to be a CMO

Have a passion for Marketing and the industry in which the business operates

Not to mention the capacity, the first quality required of a CMO is that this person must have a passion for Marketing as well as the industry in which the business operates. Why? I will explain below.

What do you think makes a member of a company able to stick with a business for a long time and devote himself to that business? There are many factors such as working environment, salary... but the most important is passion. A CMO must be passionate about the industry in which the business operates to be able to devote all its efforts to building a brand for that business. A CMO must be passionate about Marketing to be able to spend time researching, learning or updating new knowledge in this field.

A clear fact can be seen that many people have given up positions with attractive salaries to start a new job for reasons related to passion. People tend to feel depressed about jobs they don't like after a period of exposure. Meanwhile, the position of CMO must be someone who can accompany the business a very long way.

Proficient in Marketing

Sure, a CMO has to be an extremely skilled figure in any marketing-related niche. From professional knowledge to experience, from making marketing strategies, plans, to branding process, or Marketing research, advertising campaigns, communication, sales... all both must ensure methodical and logical.

A CMO can't push a business's brand forward if he/she can't differentiate between brand and brand. Or in another context, a CMO will destroy the image of the business if he or she cannot realize that customer experience is the core element that builds that image.

Have good leadership ability

CMO is one of the senior management positions, therefore, it requires the person in charge to have the ability to lead people (department, department, team, group). The leadership ability of the CMO is reflected in the way he/she treats and communicates with the subordinates, as well as the way the subordinates behave against the CMO. A CMO with good leadership will always make subordinates feel secure and always work with a focused spirit, trying for the set goal. On the contrary, a CMO with poor leadership will make subordinates always in a state of confusion, fear, and pressure about what is and will happen.

Have good management capacity

Besides leadership ability, a CMO needs to have a good management capacity. The management capacity of the CMO is reflected in the way to develop marketing plans and strategies, how to build and organize subordinate personnel, how to allocate budgets, how to organize the implementation of any marketing activity program. any. A CMO with good management capacity will make the underlying apparatus operate smoothly and efficiently, saving costs. On the contrary, a CMO with poor management capacity will make the apparatus operate sluggishly, slowly and waste the budget.

Have a good strategic vision

Strategic vision is one of the essential elements of a CMO to help a business get to the desired position in a competitive market. Strategic vision is expressed through awareness of changes in factors and resources in the micro environment (customers, suppliers, marketing intermediaries...) and macro environment (demographic environment). study, economics, technology, nature...) so that the enterprise can better adapt to other businesses and create competitive advantages that competitors cannot follow.

Able to handle crisis well

Crisis is a common phenomenon in Marketing, especially communication. Crisis management is never easy. In order to handle it well, a CMO needs to have a head that is always in a calm state, sensitive to information, quick about ideas to find the best solution, to avoid going down the same path. of many enterprises (including large ones) with cumbersome processing phases and many consequences later.


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