What are baby boomers? Overview of the Baby Boomer generation

What are Baby boomers?

Thế hệ baby boomer

Baby boomers is a term for a generation - people who were born between 1946 and 1964. The reason why the name baby boomers is used by this generation has made up a large part of the population of many countries. developed countries, notably the United States (accounting for 20% of the US population).

As the largest generation in the United States, baby boomers have been having a huge impact on the economy of this country.

Short history of Baby boomers

Baby boomers emerged from the time after World War II, when birth rates began to skyrocket in most developed countries. During that time period, in the United States alone, about 77 million children were born, accounting for nearly 40% of the population of the United States at that time.

If Baby boomers are included in the chart of milestones of generations in history, the Baby boomers generation appeared after the Silent Generation and before the X Generation.

Timeline of people generations

Most historians believe that the baby boomers phenomenon was caused by the following factors:

  • People began to have the opportunity to start a family after World War II and The Great Depression.
  • People feel that life in the coming period will be safer and more prosperous.

Of course, the world then saw positive changes in social life, when the number of jobs increased, wages were higher and higher, and more social benefits for workers were created. ..

In the United States, accompanied by changes in new economic policy is the migration from the city center to the suburbs. The rules in the G.I. Bill allowed American soldiers returning from the battlefield to buy houses around the edge of the city. This leads to the trend of building model families in suburban areas, where the husband acts as the main source of income, while the wife takes care of the house and takes care of the children.

What is the Baby boomers generation like today?

Up to now, in 2020, baby boomers are those who have crossed the slope to the other side of life, with the age range from 56 to 74. Most of them are holding important positions in agencies and businesses. , while the rest are retired


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